RealSelf Top Doctors

We recognize doctors who share our mission to empower patients with reliable information. RealSelf Top Doctor status is awarded to a select group of doctors who have demonstrated an ongoing commitment to answering consumer questions, and are transparent about their level of service by encouraging their patients to post unbiased reviews and ratings.


Participating Members

Doctors who have claimed their profile and activated it by answering at least one consumer question in the RealSelf Q&A forums are considered to be participating members.

Distinguished Members

Distinguished members of the RealSelf doctor community have established their professional presence on the site through positive patient reviews and by answering at least 50 consumer questions.

RealSelf Top Doctors

In recognition of their high patient ratings and favorable feedback on their contributed expertise, the RealSelf Top Doctor badge is awarded to less than 10% of the RealSelf doctor community.

RealSelf 100

Signifying the cream of the Top Doctor crop, the RealSelf 100 award goes to those doctors whose dedication and willingness to respond to consumer questions and patient feedback are unmatched. See the list


Your RealSelf Top Doctor badge appears everywhere you do.

Rise to the top

Criteria for RealSelf Top Doctor Status

  • 75+ answers to users' questions
  • 10+ new answers every 90 days
  • 3+ patient reviews with above average overall rating
  • Net positive votes on answered questions

No Application Process

RealSelf Top Doctor status is automatically applied when the criteria are met. If you have a question about your status, contact your Doctor Community Advisor.

Sponsorship Does Not Affect RealSelf Top Doctor Status

Sponsorship of Dr. Spotlight does not affect doctor recognition. Dr. Spotlight is a sponsorship opportunity for doctors within the RealSelf community to promote their profiles to consumers researching treatments within their local area. Learn more