Dermatology Videos

Cosmetic Concerns for Ethnic Skin Tones — The Doctor Shares Treatment Options

Live from Chicago at ASDS 2015, Dr. Brooke Jackson answers questions about cosmetic treatments and skin tones. VIEW NOW

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Why Am I Still Getting Acne as an Adult?

Live from Chicago at ASDS 2015, Dr. Jonith Breadon answers your questions about adult acne. VIEW NOW


When to Worry About a Mole — The Doctor Explains With Photos

Dr. Benjamin Barankin explains how moles are a common skin growth. Irregular or changing moles should be checked out by your dermatologist. VIEW NOW

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Skin Tags: Learn Why People Get Them and How They Can Be Removed

Dr. Benjamin Barankin explains what skin tags are, how they form and various removal methods. VIEW NOW

Xanthelasma: What to Know About This Common Eyelid Condition

Dr. Benjamin Barankin explains how and why these cholesterol deposits occur and how they can be safely removed by your dermatologist. VIEW NOW

What's a Dermatologist Do? The Answer May Surprise You

Dr. Benjamin Barankin explains what a dermatologist is and why that matters to you. VIEW NOW

What is Dermatology — The Doctor Explains This Medical Specialty

Dr. Alberto de la Fuente Garcia explains what Dermatology is, the conditions it covers, and the amount of training doctors must complete. VIEW NOW

The Doctor Uses a Lamprobe Device to Remove Skin Lesions

Dr. Lee B. Daniels uses a lamprobe device to remove a seborrheic keratosis from this person's face. The two pictures above the video show a before and after of a SK removal. VIEW NOW

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Are Spray Tans and Self-Tanners Bad for Your Skin?

Dr. Lisa Airan discusses the dangers of tanning and if self-tanners are safe for your skin. VIEW NOW

What's the Best Kind of Sunscreen and How to Apply It

Dr. Lisa Airan explains what SPF she recommends and how to apply your sunscreen for optimal protection from the sun. VIEW NOW

Should You Pop It? The Doctor Explains How to Treat Pimples at Home

Dr. Lisa Airan discusses what happens when you pop a pimple and her recommended treatment. VIEW NOW


Should You Have That Mole Checked By a Dermatologist?

Dr. Lisa Airan discusses skin changes which are a sign to visit your dermatologist. VIEW NOW

Is Laser Hair Removal Safe and What Type of Skin Is It Appropriate for?

Dr. Lisa Airan explains laser hair removal, how safe it is, and who is a candidate. VIEW NOW

Try These Tips to Protect Your Scalp From Sunburn

Dr. Lisa Airan explains ways for both men and women to minimize sun espouse and protect your scalp. VIEW NOW

Are You Making This Mistake When It Comes to Sunscreen?

Dr. Lisa Airan explains one of the biggest mistakes you can make with your sunscreen. VIEW NOW