Whiteheads + Dermatology

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How do I treat a bumpy forehead? (photo)

My forehead was always a little bumpy, but recently it's gotten out of hand. I've been exfoliating it and moisturizing it daily, but the bumps just... READ MORE

What could my skin condition be, and what are my treatment options? (Photo)

For 4 months, I have been struggling with skin issues. Recently my skin has gotten exponentially worse. It started a few months ago when I would go to... READ MORE

Is antibiotic ointment affective and will this cyst drain once it starts to look like a white head? (Photo)

My son is two he has a chalazion for about four months and he tried antibiotic ointment for 5 days and stopped. Now his cyst is bigger redder and... READ MORE

What is this weird dot like feeling under/in my eye lid?

It's like a bump sortof. it doesn't hurt/feel like anything but if I touch or poke it it feels like a whitehead. I think it's white and it's the size... READ MORE

Open Pores with Whiteheads and Blackheads, Which Treatment is Best for me? IPL, Chemical Peel, Fraxel?

I have a zillion large really large open pores on my cheeks and nose which are accompanied by white heads and blackheads. Should i opt for a chemical... READ MORE

I noticed pimples/ white heads on my penis. What treatment would you recommend? (photo)

The other day (3 or 4 days ago) I noticed this group of what appear to be tiny pimples with whitish heads on the shaft of my penis. Now it seems like... READ MORE

I have an uneven forehead (bumpy and oily) and chicken type skin on my neck and chest. Any suggestions?

Hi, I'm 34 years old. I've never been able to get clear answers or help by dermatologists i've seen in the past. I have uneven skin. My forehead is... READ MORE

What are these big red bumps that keep popping up on my thigh? (photos)

They look like big pimples or spider bites. They have a white head and pus comes out then they heal leaving purple scars. They keep popping up and... READ MORE

Why do I have bumps all over my forehead?? And bumps on my hairline as well? (photos)

I didn't start getting acne like this until recently, a little over a month ago. It's super bumpy, feels scaley, hard, and scabby sometimes. My skin... READ MORE

What is this on the shaft of my penis just below the glans?

This has been there for several years and if I squeeze it, will push out a semi-hard white substance. READ MORE

Is Milia (Whitehead) Removal Safe 2 Weeks After VI Peel?

I've read that Milia (whiteheads) is a complication 2+ weeks after a peel during the healing process. I have 50-100 milia covering my face 2 weeks... READ MORE

What are these inflamed bumps on my buttocks?? How do I get rid of them? (photo)

It has been about two days since I noticed these red rash like bumps appear all over my buttocks and partially on my thighs right under the cheeks .... READ MORE

How do I get rid of these bumps? (photos)

I used to have acne and took antibiotics plus aczone cream and tazarac to correct the problem. I rarely break out with white heads anymore, but I keep... READ MORE

I don't know what it is: clogged pores , whiteheads, or subclinical acne. Can you please help me?

I have T zone type of skin , my cheeks are usually dry , now from past 3 week im having tiny skin coloured bumps on my forehead and a little around my... READ MORE

Small holes/pores on my nose after black head and white head extraction;how to get rid of them? (photos)

I had my black head extracted in nov 2015 using steam and black head extracting tool. Since then although my nose is not oily but i see small... READ MORE

Single whitehead in inner labia, could it be a blocked pore or irritation?

I have a single whitehead like pimple on my inner labia, and it only hurts when I urinate. My boyfriend and I have been monogamous for six years and... READ MORE

Is this a coldsore or pimple?

I had a coldsore on my lip about three years ago. It was brown and like a scab and with medicine, it was gone in a few days. I had a pimple (or so I... READ MORE

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