White Spots + Dermatology

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I have a a white hard tiny bump on top of both my eyelids. What could it be? (photo)

The tiny hard ball-like substances appeared on my eyelids around a year ago and doesn't seem to go away. READ MORE

White spot on eyelid! What could it be!? (photo)

I have had this white spot on my eyelid for 10+ years now. it is flat and white. it does not itch or hurt nor does it bother me. i went to the doctors... READ MORE

What to Do About White Spots on the Back of my Calves?

I have various sized white colored dots on the back of my calf muscles. I am not sure the cause but I am speculating The Florida Sun. Is there any... READ MORE

I've developed what looks like scarring on head of my penis over past two years. Not sore, itchy. What can I do? (Photo)

Is there anything for me to worry about? Is there anything i should be doing? Also have white lumps on shaft included in pictures READ MORE

Is there treatment to remove white lumps on my chest? (Photo)

Hi I've had these small white lumps on my chest for 6 years now. Although it started out as only being 5 or so lumps and then it just kept growing and... READ MORE

Are these white spots associated with pityriasis rosea scars? (Photos)

I have recently been diagnosed with pityriasis rosea, having it for three weeks now. It's very bothersome but even worse to look at! The rash is not... READ MORE

Can u please tell me what these white dots/spots are on my foreskin? (photos)

White dots on my foreskin Doesn't look like PPP or fordyce spots READ MORE

What are these white patches on my buttcheek skin? What are they & how do i cure it? Is it dangerous? (photos)

These patches don't hurt at all, i think only sometimes itch a tiny bit. But thats pretty much it. I don't have any other symptoms. I get the feeling... READ MORE

White raised bump on eye line, what is it? (photo)

On the lower lid (line) of my right eye is what looks to be like a raised dot. It formed over night and hasn't gotten any bigger for the past 4 days... READ MORE

How Can I Treat Numerous Smooth White Spots That Have Started Appearing All Over My Body? (Photo)

This hypopigmentation is odd because the spots are not raised or indented but perfectly smooth/even with my skn. Dermatologist confirmed they are scar... READ MORE

What are these white pimples around the vagaina, how do you cure them? (photo)

How can I prevent this happening if shaving has caused it, how do I get rid of them? READ MORE

What are these white spots on the head of my penis? (Photo)

I doubt its an STD since the only girl ive ever slept with was clean the time we were together. I have not had sex since. READ MORE

What is the White Growth in my Penis Foreskin? (photo)

Recently (these 2 days) I realised that there is a white growth in my penis foreskin. there is no pain at all. attached is the picture. READ MORE

What is this white spot under my upper lip? (photo)

I have this little white speck in my mouth just under the skin between my gums and upper lip. it seems to move around when i touch it and it doesn't... READ MORE

I have small white dots and two slightly larger redder spots on the shaft of my penis? (photo)

When these are squeezed they emit liquid, and decline in size, just wondering what they might be? READ MORE

What is the white spot near the nose? (Photo)

I have a little one too. What causes it and what can I do to get rid of it? And to prevent it READ MORE

I have white pimples and a few normal ones , should i be worried? (Photo)

White pimples and tiny normal ones , im a virgin , any help ? cures ? anything ? im 17 READ MORE

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