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What Treatment is there for Flat Warts on the Face?

My primary care physician diagnosed what I thought was acne as flat warts, in addition to some light/moderate acne I do have. The warts are very... READ MORE

What do you think these are on my penis area? (Photo)

Genital warts?herpes?skin tags? shaving bumps/skin irritation? READ MORE

I am not sure if these are genital warts or not? (Photo)

The skin isnt raised but the spots are black and a little rough, on my left vagina crease READ MORE

Is this a skin tag or wart? (photos)

I have a small flat mass on the shaft of my penis. I was wondering if it was a skin tag, or a wart? READ MORE

How to Successfully Treat Flat Warts on the Hands?

I have had flat warts on my hands for 2 years after getting them while pregnant with twins. I have tried tagamet, thuja, freezing, aldara, salicylic... READ MORE

Are these genital warts on my penis shaft? (photo)

I'm not sure how long I've had them but was doing a routine check and noticed them. These bumps aren't noticeable until I pull back the skin.... READ MORE

Is this a healthy looking vagina? Could this be genital warts? (photo)

I don't remember my vagina always looking like this. I have no pain or itching. I was diagnosed with HPV many years ago but have had 2 clear paps in... READ MORE

I have a single bump on pubic area. Could it be a Genital wart or something else? (photos)

I have a bump on the pubic area between the belly button and penis shaft. I have been with only my wife in the past 12 years but she had an affair 18... READ MORE

Are these HPV warts near the entrance of my vagina? (Photos)

They don't hurt at all so could they be HPV genital warts? READ MORE

Do I Have Genital Warts? (photo)

I recently noticed those hard, white bumps and the bottom of the opening of my vagina - they do not itch or burn. I looked for similar pictures of... READ MORE

Do genital warts develop a crusty scab I can pick off? Or is it a pimple and I'm only freaking out?

I might have a genital wart but I've noticed that it's developing a crusty scab like a pimple would. I can also pick it off, and it bleeds. Do genital... READ MORE

What is this painful wart on my vagina? (photo)

This is the first time I have ever had this. It hurts if I touch it roughly. I have been having unprotected sex with my boyfried for over 10 months... READ MORE

Are these genital warts? (photos)

They don't bother me but I believe they are gential warts I got tested for.hiv I'm negative READ MORE

Do you I have genital warts? (photo)

So I'm 17. But I'm scared because i let this one person give me head and give me a handjob, and I didn't really think them to be sexually active (only... READ MORE

Is this sebaceous cyst or genital wart? (photos)

Hello, I am worried because I'm not sure if I have a sebaceous cyst or genital wart. I included images if you don't mind looking. Thank you. READ MORE

I have some signs of wart on my penis. Is it HPV or HIV? (Photo)

I never had sexual contact with any one and these warts on my penis are form at least 12 years(I was 16 yrs), neither increasing nor decreasing. It... READ MORE

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