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I woke up and half of my upper lip was swollen. What is causing it? (Photo)

I thought it could be sun poisoning, since I just got back from the beach. Im not allergic to anything. READ MORE

I Have a Small Brown Spot Above my Upper Lipline That Really Bothers Me

Several years ago I had a cold sore or a pimple of some sort right above the lipline that I didn't treat well (I popped it or scratched at it or... READ MORE

What can I do to get rid of the hundreds of ingrown chin and upper lip hairs? (photos)

Hi, I have uploaded a few high quality photos of my lip and chin and I wondering why my skin texture is so rough in these spots. Also, even after I... READ MORE

Are There Any Callous Removal Liquids for the Face?

I have a persistent 'spot'. It never heals - well currently it it is hard and white, pertruding from the corner of my mouth and I hate it. The... READ MORE

Is there another option to remove a sebaceous cyst from my face other than cutting it out?

I have a sebaceous cyst above my upper lip ( in the space between my nose and my lip). It got infected last year and was drained at a hospital. I was... READ MORE

Upper lip burned due to waxing, how would these marks be categorized and what would be the cost of the treatment? (photo)

I went to a salon for upper lip wax and they burned it. I don't how exactly to describe these marks. Can you please help and tell me the approximate... READ MORE

What happened and what to do with my mustache shadow?

I don't have no hair up above my lip but, I have a shadow. I put Clorox bleach above my lips multiple times on Saturday. Today is Sunday, around the... READ MORE

Can Lasers Treat Dermal PIH on the Upper Lip?

I have dermal PIH on my upper lip which is grey in appearance due to years of plucking and not wearing sun protection. Since bleaching creams will not... READ MORE

How Can I Get Rid of Mustache-like Hyperpigmentation After Tanning?

Last year, I noticed that after tanning, I started to develop a brown shadow, like a mustache and it got worse when the summer came. During the... READ MORE

Hard Lump Above Mustache Area - What is It?

What is the Lump Directly Above my Mustache Area? It is Under the Skin, and Hard READ MORE

Dark Upper Lip? (photo)

Initially i was having pink lips. i hope its been 1 year my lips turned dark. I don't smoke and don't have any bad habits(infact i an a Vegan). I have... READ MORE

My upper lip is whiter than the rest of my face, is there anyway to return my skin back to it's normal color? (photo)

Hello, I used to shave my upper lip when I was in the shower almost everyday and then would wash my face with Neutrogena clear pore cleanser (which at... READ MORE

How to Restore Pigmentation to Upper Lips.

Loss of pigmentation on upper lips. READ MORE

Will Moustache Hair Grow After Injury? (photo)

Sir , recently i met with an accident two weeks before and got some injuries on upper lip..four stiches on upper lip, which caused in some moustache... READ MORE

My upper lip is completely lighter than the rest of my face. What causes the problem and will it disappear?

My upper lip is completely lighter than the rest of my face. I don't use wax or shave there (i am a girl). I only use tweezers to remove the hair.... READ MORE

What is this white spot under my upper lip? (photo)

I have this little white speck in my mouth just under the skin between my gums and upper lip. it seems to move around when i touch it and it doesn't... READ MORE

Is Upper Lip Hyperpigmentation Caused by Shaving Followed by Sun Permanent? (photo)

Over a year ago, I shaved my upper lip a bit too thoroughly during my morning shower, went down to the pool and laid out/ went swimming. I was outside... READ MORE

What is on my upper lip? Is it hyper pigmentation? How can I get rid of it? (photos)

Hi my name Is camila and I have a brown patch at the top of my lip (upper lip) this makes it look like I have a mustache especially when I'm colored... READ MORE

Redness Around Upper Lip and Nostrils?

I have redness around my upper lip on my cheek and nostrils. Espcially around the nostrils. Its been there for 3 years now. it makes my upper lip very... READ MORE

Small Blisters Below my Daughter's Nose? (photo)

My daughter has had these blisters below her nose (ie on her upper lips) for the past 2 weeks which won't seem to disappear. Cortisone cream does not... READ MORE

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