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How Do I Get Rid of Chicken-like Skin?

I have permanent goose-bumps all over my body.What creams can i use to get smooth skin? READ MORE

Does topical hydrocortisone hurt the pigment in skin?

My daughter has 5 mo old forehead incision that I'm noticing the pigment has lightened AROUND it. I'm devastated bc I expected just the incision to... READ MORE

Does Virgin Coconut Oil Penetrate the Skin Deep Enough to Stimulate Collagen when Applied Topically?

I have read that virgin coconut oil is found to promote wound healing when applied topcally to skin. At the same time, collagen is stimulated, which... READ MORE

How Long Will It Take to Get Rid of Rashes from Topical Anaesthetic? (photo)

Hi, Yesterday I went for a "Clear and Brilliant". The nurse applied a topical anaesthetic on my face for 20 minutes. After that there were bumpy red... READ MORE

What should I do when doxycycline 100 mgx2 is finished that I am taking for perioral dermatitis?

I was placed on doxy hyaclate(?) 100 mg 2x's a day for 30 days + topical sulfacidamide(?) morning and evening to clear up perioral dermatitis that... READ MORE

I have developed facial eczema from overuse of BP. Does this mean i can't use other topicals? (photos)

When i quit my regimen because of this, it cleared up on its own. My new derm said i should use minimal BP in the AM and atralin/tazorac on alternate... READ MORE

What is the best topical cream to use to get rid of blemishes? (Photo)

I've used Tretinoin before, I was thinking about trying Salicylic Acid. READ MORE

Injection v. cream lidocaine? Which is better and why?

The nurse for my derm. used an injection on me to prep me for the doctor. I asked her for a topical solution, but she told me that they don't really... READ MORE

Which form of Vitamin C is the most effective for topical application?

My dermatologist recommended adding vitamin C to my daily skin care. I look at the list of ingredients for each bottle of vitamin C serum. Some have... READ MORE

I am looking for a topical treatment for persistent blackheads and enlarged pores on oily T zone. Age 56 with ageing skin.

I cannot use any moisturisers or sun protection creams as they make my skin even more congested. I have had laser resurfacing in the past which has... READ MORE

Puzzling scar/depression on my forehead! What is this? How could it have happened? And what can I do about it now? (photos)

A month ago, my forehead spontaneous swelled up; I also made the skin raw by squeezing the area. Days later, a dermatologist prescribed a topical... READ MORE

What is this on my scalp? I have heavy hair loss and balding too I think. Please help. (Photos)

So noticed this flaky scalp recently. Not sure if it is dry scalp or something else. Please advise. Is there any topical or cream or gel based... READ MORE

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