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Toe Nail Fungus or Melanoma?

I have toe nail fungus and I just noticed a dark asymmetrical spot coming in as my nail is growing could it be a melanoma? READ MORE

I Have A Bump Growing On My Toe, What's The Cause? (photo)

My foot has had a ring worm type issue going on for over a year now, and its getting worse, thow there is more and looks like a bump / my bone grew on... READ MORE

Should I be concerned of melanoma of the finger/toenail bed?

I had a black/blue colored spot on the big toe of my right foot a few months ago. Didn't think much of it and figured I must have stumped my toe. It... READ MORE

How do I fix my toenail back to normal? (photo)

My toenail came off a few years ago during an accident. I was told to let it grow back on it's own and this is how it's gotten. Do I need a... READ MORE

When Does the Original Vinegar Soak Need to Be Changed?

I'm using the vinegar soak method on my toenail fungus. how many times can I soak in the same vingegar before I need to change it. READ MORE

Small red dots/bumps on toes and now fingers? (photo)

Hello, I am a 37 yo male with no apparent medical issues. Several years ago, I lived in a communal environment in which I shared a shower area with... READ MORE

Black Toes from Liquid Corn Remover?

I recently saw that four of my toes have turned completely black from using Dr. Scholls liquid corn remover to remove a few corns i had on my toes... READ MORE

I've Had a Discolored Big Toenail for About a Year. Could It Be a Fungi Infection? (photo)

It has never caused me any pain until recently when it began to sting very slightly. The nail does not grow very much and has develop ridges. The... READ MORE

Is this melanoma or something else? (photo)

Few days ago I noticed this "stain" on my toe. As far as I remember I had on the same place a longer time the same shape of stain, just that it was in... READ MORE

What is Going on with my Big Toe? (photo)

A bit more than a month ago, I dropped a half full bottle of wine on my big toe nail. It was a bit swollen around the cuticle and looked as if it was... READ MORE

Toenail Problem for 11 Years? (photo)

I've nail issue on 4 toenail on both feet. I have seen five doctor. I've taken several lamasil and 3 laser treatment medicine online used bleach with... READ MORE

I have a painful red spot on my feet and toes. What treatment would you recommend?

I get painful red spots on my feet and toes. They aren't raised, but hot like fever. Most of the time they appear the day after being on my feet a lot... READ MORE

I am going to go to a dermatologist this week but am worried about toenail melanoma. Any suggestions? (photos)

I have had fungus in my big toe for over 10 years - about a month ago i noticed most of the nail turned black in color, with some green and blue. Now... READ MORE

Bumps on Skin Almost Corrugated on My Toe. Painless, But What Could it Be?

Have some very small hard bumps on the skin of my great toe. The bumps are not discolored, painful or itchy. The skin near the upper arch of my... READ MORE

I have dark toes from playing outside barefoot when I was younger, what cream should I use to help lighten my toes?

I'm a medium brown African American female. (Not light or dark, but in between the two.) I have dark toes from playing outside barefoot when I was... READ MORE

Fungal Toenail Removed! Too Much Pain and when Shall I Exercise Again?

2 drs checked my toenail : both diagnosed it as fungal 1st told me to do lazer almost 400$/ session while the 2nd dr pushed me to remove my toenail... READ MORE

Can corns, blisters, and calluses be removed using cosmetic surgery? What can be done about dark nails pigmentation?

I'm an African American I have a corn, blister, and calluses on my toes and dark discoloration pigmentation on my toenails from sports. I also have... READ MORE

My big toe on my left foot has had a weird mark that looks like blood but it doesn't hurt. What is it? (photos)

The mark doesn't hurt but it just bothers me to see it. I haven't been able to find anything online please help. This is the third day. READ MORE

Besides Fungus What Causes Discoloration in the Toes?

Especially the big toe, I am now trying a new product called Piggy Paste for 7 weeks now and even though it says to use for 12 weeks I thought that I... READ MORE

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