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I have these odd semi-dark circles near my chest area and on my neck. Should I be worried? (photos)

This is where it gets weird.....I also have in my pubic area two are connected and one is closer to my right thigh. Should I be worried and is this... READ MORE

Thinning Skin in Hands, Arms and Thighs (Age 29)

Hi, I am 29 year old, and I need help in what to do with my thinning skin. My vein shows a lot in my hands do to the skin. they look like old lady... READ MORE

What treatment would you recommend for severe acne scars and dark spots? (photos)

I have little acne and large mouthless ones on my chin and over my face and am 26. I have battled this acne for very long. Acne leaves dark spots... READ MORE

Brown Bumps on Thighs and Arms?

They are on my thighs and upper arms, but they r only bumpy on my arms. Its mostly smooth on my thighs. Im really freaked out. READ MORE

Nothing Will Clear my Folliculitis?

I have had chronic folliculitis for 8 years. It is on my buttocks, upper thighs, and groin area. I have been on many different medications for it over... READ MORE

What had made my Scrotum itchy and red? And inside of my thigh itchy and red? (photos)

Was wondering what is the case with the inside of my thighs and on my Scortum area the skin has developed red itchy dry rash? What has caused this and... READ MORE

What Can I Do About Hyperpigmentation on Thighs and Groin Area?

I'm Asian with medium brown skin, and I have very dark patches of skin in between my thighs and groin. It extends down to my mid thigh and back of... READ MORE

I'm 19 year old girl of white complexion and dark brown pigmentation. What treatment would you recommend? (photos)

I 'm 19 year old girl of white complexion ,having dark brown pigmentation since A year on inner tigh bikini and pubic area .visited my dermatologist... READ MORE

Small brown spots on inner thigh and groin. What are they? (photos)

I have these small (smaller than a pencil eraser (maybe one that's the size of an eraser)) brown spots on my inner thigh and groin area. I just saw... READ MORE

Skin Discoloration on Inner Thighs? (photo)

Both my interior thighs next to my scrotum is discolored. It appears to be wrinkled and rough and dry skin, but when i touch it, it really doesnt feel... READ MORE

How to treat a rash on my upper thigh/butt cheek? (photo)

Just the other day I was wearing shorts and noticed I had a red "rash like" area just below my right butt cheek on my upper thigh. The area is red and... READ MORE

What are these big red bumps that keep popping up on my thigh? (photos)

They look like big pimples or spider bites. They have a white head and pus comes out then they heal leaving purple scars. They keep popping up and... READ MORE

How do I get rid of boils & dark spots?

I've been suffering from boils under my arms , & within the crease of my butt & inner thighs I take hot baths to keep them from forming bigger but... READ MORE

Terrible ingrown hairs on legs! (photos)

Hello, For the past few years I've been suffering from terrible ingrown hairs on my legs. At the recommendation of a dermatologist, I've tried... READ MORE

I have a rash on my leg, what is it? (photo)

Hello, I have a rash on my left thigh and also on my left groin. As well as the rash, the glands in the area are very swollen. The rash is getting... READ MORE

I keep getting new white stretch marks even though I am not gaining or losing weight, what is causing this & how can I treat it?

I've noticed for the past couple months, a lot of new white stretch marks are appearing on the back of my calves and on the side of my thighs; they... READ MORE

Lighter Skin Spots on Lower Butt and Upper Thighs That Vary in Size?

I recently developed a few lighter skin spots on my butt and upper thighs. I'm in the sun frequently and they're not too noticeable until I point them... READ MORE

Weird Raised Scar Like Marks on Thighs? (photo)

Hello, for the past few years I've noticed these brownish/purple raised and sunken like marks appearing at the top of my thighs. They can't be stretch... READ MORE

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