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What is the Safest and Most Effective Way to Remove Under Eye Syringoma?

I am a 39 year old woman and have severe under eye syringoma. I also have it on my forehead, temples. I started getting it when I was 10 years old.... READ MORE

What Are These Undereye Bumps? (photo)

I've always had these white/yellowish bumps under my eye. From researching online, I might guess that they are either milia or syringoma, but... READ MORE

How to Get Rid of Syringomas?

I have Syringomas under my eyes and on my forehead and temples, whats the best way to get rid of them. READ MORE

Are multiple syringomas and simultaneous sebaceous hyperplasias a sign of an underlying medical condition?

I recently started to get multiple syringomas and sebaceous hyperplasias (over the course of a year). The syringomas are all over my face and on my... READ MORE

Does Anyone Offer or Know a Doctor Who Offers Intralesional Electrodesiccation for Syringomas in the California Area?

I heard that this is one of the best treatments for syringoma. But I can not find a doctor who offers it in california. Does anyone here offer it or... READ MORE

Is Intralesional Electrodesiccation for Syringomas Effective & Does Anyone Do This in NYC?

Is Intralesional Electrodesiccation for Syringomas Effective & Does Anyone Do This in NYC? READ MORE

No Results After Eletrodessication For Syringomas- Should I try Something Else? Higher Settings?

I had eletrodessication done on my syringomas with zero results? do the dr. needs to increase the intensity of the electricity to be affective?? READ MORE

Syringomas Treatment in St. Louis, MO?

I live in St. Louis, MO and have had a Profractional laser used to treat syringomas around my eyes in the past with minimal results. I’ve also had a h... READ MORE

Where Can I Get Syringomas Treated in the East Midlands?

I cannot get treatment on the NHS as it is cosmetic and my GP refused to refer me to a dermatologist. He recommended private hospitals or cosmetic... READ MORE

Is This Milia or Syringoma? (photo)

Think I have Milia or Syringoma under my eyes. Which do you think please ? I am struggling to find products, the ones I am using are supposedly... READ MORE

Syringoma vs. Milia? (photo)

Hi, Are these syringoma or milia? And is the red eyebag due to thinning of the skin? What are some treatments for these two concerns? Thank you ! READ MORE

Anyone offer syringoma intralesional electrodesiccation or Hyfraction in the Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia, NYC areas?

I have syringomas, I know that they come back and just want to touch up using a different method. I had them cut/scraped at 15 and then co2 lasered at... READ MORE

Remove Syringoma Right on the Eyes (Upper Eyelids)?

Hi I have gotten rid of syringoma with electrocautery and was very satisfied. However, there are some right on my upper eyelid that I was afraid of... READ MORE

I got nevexen/Nevi-skin to treat syringomas. How do I go about it?

Syringomas unlike moles, are clapped together under my eyes and the recommendation is to treat them one at a time, which is not possible for syringoma... READ MORE

What is Millia and Syringoma and How Can I Get Rid of Them at Home Please?

I am 24 and never had those before until i was like 23 when i started noticing them and i hate them READ MORE

Syringoma CURE Interlesional Radiofrequency?

Can interlesional radiofrequency really cure Syringoma? I read a trial research study spanning 4 years that using interlesional radiofrequency can... READ MORE

Is this syringoma? (photo)

How can this be fixed? I hate it and it seems to be getting worse. No one in my family has it. I've heard its impossible to get rid of and would... READ MORE

Need treatment for Syringomas in Northern Virginia area :). (photos)

Hello, I have had something called Syringomas for years since my adolescence I'm 38 ...and they started a few on my face now I have those ugly bumps... READ MORE

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