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Red Mark on Tip of my Nose After Squeezing a Pimple? (photo)

Hello years ago i had a pimple on top of my nose that i squeezed it and left a mark for good. It never grown and when i press it disappears and then... READ MORE

Is There Any Way for the Swelling to Go Down on my Lip? (photo)

I had a little white bump on my lip and I squeezed it. Well now it's Swollen. It's on my lip so it's very noticeable. I'm convinced its milia because... READ MORE

What are these small hard crystal like things that pop out of my forehead, cheek and nose? (photo)

I'm in my early 20's & have acne bouts every month. sometimes they go on their own, sometimes I press it & a string of yellow green comes out... READ MORE

How to remove a pore that keeps bleeding non-stop every time i squeeze it?

Unfortunately, I have this red pore sort of thing that never changes and never goes away. Every time i squeeze it, blood comes out in little amounts... READ MORE

Red mark on nose from unclogging pores - will it ever go away? (Photo)

Two days ago I tried to remove the dirt in the pores of my nose by squeezing them. Everything seemed to be fine,'but the next morning I noticed an... READ MORE

I have red mark/broken capillaries after squeezing what I thought was a pimple underneath my eyes? What could it be?

OK, so years ago i squeezed what I thought was a pimple underneath my eye, but nothing came out and it left a red mark, with a small bump under the... READ MORE

What Should I Do to Treat This Facial Bruise? (photo)

5 days ago I had one of those underground zits that was like a mountain. I squeezed it too hard to get some of the fluid out and now it appears that I... READ MORE

I've had this bump for quite a while. Sometimes there is liquid that comes out when u squeeze. (photo)

Probably around 3-6 months months. When u squeeze it some pus or something comes out. Scabs form a lot. When u peel scab no blood comes out.... READ MORE

Nose Skin Thickening After Blackhead Trouble?

Last week i tried to pop-out blackheads on nose and i put lot pressure. And 2 days later my nose started to return to original state, but the problem... READ MORE

How can I get this bump to go down or which doctor would I see to have this removed? (photos)

This bump started off very tiny and I squeezed it. White stringy pus came out. My dermatologist told me it was a broken capillary and not to squeeze... READ MORE

Is my Nose Always Going to Be Like This? (photo)

Hi ,2 months ago i had an infection due to squeezing my pores which 1 wk later i went to the doctors to get treated,even after antibiotics,i noticed... READ MORE

Spot in the middle of my forehead for 6 months now. Any suggestions? (photos)

I've had a spot in middle of my forehead for 6 months . Its not sore feels like a spot but won't go away . It goes red when I touch it and try squeeze... READ MORE

Is This a Permanent Change in Appearance if Not How Long Will It Take to Heal ? (photo)

Hi ,2 months ago i had an infection due to squeezing my pores which 1 wk later i went to the doctors to get treated,even after antibiotics,i noticed... READ MORE

How to get rid of a bumpy forehead? (photos)

So I have this bumps on my forehead, you can't squeeze them for them are not whiteheads or anything like that, they are painless and they have some... READ MORE

How to get rid of white clogged pores?

Hi I have been dealing with a lot of clogged pores on my cheek, forehead and chin. There tiny closed bumps that you can squeeze out. What can help... READ MORE

What do I do about dark spots on nose and around the eyes? (photos)

What can I do about severe dark spots around the eyes and severe dark spot on nose from squeezing to clear press help READ MORE

Does squeezing black heads form nose make my nose wrinkled?

Some it seems that my nose is becoming wrinkled, is it due to squeezing blackheads? as i have been squeezing them with blackhead removal pin... i do... READ MORE

How can I get rid of blackheads on my nose without applying any cream or food?

I tried doing both but didn't find it helpful. And I squeezed it a few times because I didn't know it was bad. READ MORE

How can I help get rid and stop these stops from coming back? (photos)

I always get spots in the same place. They keep coming and going and then returning. They are often quite painful and I an guilty of often squeezing... READ MORE

Blackhead Squeezing. Any suggestions?

I have been squeezing blackheads on my nose for several months and have noticed my nose has dropped down, become bigger and my deviation has become... READ MORE

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