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I am not sure if these are genital warts or not? (Photo)

The skin isnt raised but the spots are black and a little rough, on my left vagina crease READ MORE

What are the spots that are spreading across my stomach, shoulders and chest? (photo)

Started off as lil spots slowly it grew on a large scale it's all over stomach shoulders and chest READ MORE

How to Remove Black Spots from Allergic Reaction?

I have black raised (some) spots on my hands and arms, and black spots on my legs from an allergic reaction to Nickle. Therefore I am always covering... READ MORE

Milia or Syringoma? (photo)

I have small spots under my eyes, which seem to be multiplying. Are they Milia or Syringoma? I am struggling to find eye serums and creams suitable... READ MORE

Are There Any Callous Removal Liquids for the Face?

I have a persistent 'spot'. It never heals - well currently it it is hard and white, pertruding from the corner of my mouth and I hate it. The... READ MORE

Do you have any recommendations for products or suggestions on how to get this cleaned up? (photos)

Those are spots on my stomach, I also get it all around my back, mostly upper area. I believe this is a case of post inflammatory hyperpigmentation... READ MORE

Small spots on buttocks, and big boil/spot on inner thigh. Any suggestions? (photos)

(First photo) is the small spots on my buttox; they're not painful and have been there for around a year now - what can I do to get rid of them I... READ MORE

Should I be concerned of melanoma of the finger/toenail bed?

I had a black/blue colored spot on the big toe of my right foot a few months ago. Didn't think much of it and figured I must have stumped my toe. It... READ MORE

How to Get Rid of the Black Dots on my Legs? (photo)

I have dark skin and I have those dark spots on my thighs at the hair follicles (strawberry legs or open comedones). I have tried waxing, but they are... READ MORE

Could some one tell me what this is? (photos)

Sizes vary, almost blend in with my skin, on pubic region and 2 spots above belly button, dont itch or anything.. READ MORE

What Are These Red/brown Dots on my Legs & Arms? (photo)

I have these red/brownish dots on my legs and in the last year or two it's become WAY more noticeable. I also have it on my arms, but not nearly as... READ MORE

What is This and How Do I Get Rid of It? (photo)

I have these very painful saw spots around my anus. They secrete a liquid that really smells! HELP! READ MORE

I've been very curious about a little problem I've had for years. What are these black spots on my foreskin? (photo)

I have like these black spots on my foreskin of the penis. And dermatologist said it must be like a birthmark or something? But i dont think it is.... READ MORE

I've had this for years, what is it on my boobs and vagina?? (photos)

Spots and bruise like bits on boobs and vagina. Some are red like boils or abcess and very sore too. Its ruining my sex life ive a lovely partner but... READ MORE

I had a spot now it's turned into a hole. What can I do to get rid of it? (photos)

I had a small spot on my nose and it's now turned into a quite big hole, should I be worried about it? It does weep yellow liquid when I wash it and... READ MORE

How Get Rid of KP Spots?

I had keratosis pilaris for all my life..and now the bumps already gone but the brown spots still on my legs and thighs... Can i use dermaroller to... READ MORE

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