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What is This on My Lip? (photo)

This is my lip i have had this spot or cold sore for ages it wont go away could you tell me what it is i have put cold sore cream on it and sometimes... READ MORE

I have this small hole on my face that looks like an open sore. Any suggestions? (photos)

I feel it is from acne, but I have never picked at it or anything and I do not know how this hole came about. Its super embarrassing and I need help... READ MORE

Should I see a dermatologist? (photos)

I woke up with a strange mark on my right shoulder which looks like a raised bruise. A few small marks on my neck as well. Slight neck soreness/stiffness. READ MORE

I Have a Big Sore Area on the Bottom of my Foot That I Have Had for Years. Do You Know What It Is? (photo)

I have had a large sore area on my foot for a few years but I am not sure what it is. I have tried using verruca treatment as well as an over the... READ MORE

I have facial cyst. Should I go back to the same dermatologist? (photos)

I have facial cyst, was about the size of dime in diameter, lies beneath mole on right cheek. Have been to dermatologist. H injected cyst with... READ MORE

For the last several days I've had a sore on my inner butt cheek. I am concerned it is an STD. Do you think it is? (photo)

This sore has been there for the last 4 days probably. I thought it might've been a zit or a blister from some new leggings. After a day or two I... READ MORE

Dry skin, boil wounds, sore wounds on penis. Uncircumcised? (photo)

Hi, I recently developed small boils on my penis fore skin. those dried up in 1 day and later i stared getting really dry waxy skin that shrivels. I... READ MORE

I've had this for years, what is it on my boobs and vagina?? (photos)

Spots and bruise like bits on boobs and vagina. Some are red like boils or abcess and very sore too. Its ruining my sex life ive a lovely partner but... READ MORE

I've got 15 pimple-like bumps on the bottom of my left butt cheek, what are they? They don't itch. (Photo)

Starting yesterday, out of nowhere, I got like 15 pimple like bumps on the bottom of my left butt cheek. They don't itch or anything. They are just a... READ MORE

I have red spots on the outside of my vagina and they are very sore and itchy, what are they? (photo)

I have red blotchy spots on the outside of my vagina and they are very itchy and sore, I am not sure what they could be, they are on both sides and... READ MORE

What are these big red bumps that keep popping up on my thigh? (photos)

They look like big pimples or spider bites. They have a white head and pus comes out then they heal leaving purple scars. They keep popping up and... READ MORE

Please tell me what this painful bump is on my butt cheek near my anus?

Its been 3-4 days since iv noticed this until it started to hurt and feel tender and soar. It seems like thin skin but with something very dark in the... READ MORE

Why is my Face Tender at the Touch?

Hi, Specifically my right cheek, it is tender and sore when I touch it or press on it. It has been like that for years now, especially around the... READ MORE

A Small Flat Red Scab Apeared and Now Theirs Another One. What is This?

Little over a month ago their was a small bump on the part of my arm by my arm pit. It itched so i scratched it and came off had some liquid ( small... READ MORE

Red spot on back of my neck for 2 days has grown increasingly sore, feels like a zit w/ fluid, but it's not. What is it? (photo)

It doesn't appear to have grown in size, but it has started impacting my entire neck, which is now sore. Any thoughts on what it might be? There is no... READ MORE

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