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Skin-tag-looking bumps Between vagina and anus (photo)

I've had 2 small bumps that look like skin tags between my vagina and anus for over 6 months now and they have not changed in size, they don't itch or... READ MORE

Is this a skin tag or wart? (photos)

I have a small flat mass on the shaft of my penis. I was wondering if it was a skin tag, or a wart? READ MORE

Left With Brown Spots After Liquid Nitrogen, Is This Normal?

After having some tiny no color skin tags removed with liquid nitrogen I am left with bron spots o Where the skin tags were - is this normal? Looks... READ MORE

I'm using vitamin E on my darker areas and now I have skin tags. How can I get rid of them?

How can I get my skin tags off know? What the best thing to use the on darkness on my four head and back neck stomach. The vitamin E been using work a... READ MORE

Is this a skin tag? How can I remove it? (photo)

Seems like a skin tag in my pubic area but I'm not sure if that's all it is READ MORE

What is this bump on my inner thigh called?

How can I shrink or get rid of this bump on thigh because it's in the way of my under clothes and it rubs against my private area. READ MORE

Relating to STD or skin tags around my genitals? (photo)

I've noticed i've had these bumps for quite some time now and they seem to be larger in size and they look almost like a skin tag. Could it be a... READ MORE

I Have Several Vaginal Skin Tags. Are There Any Doctor-approved At-home Remedies?

My doctor says the vaginal skin tags are not cancerous, but I don't have the money to have them professionally removed. Are there any at-home... READ MORE

What is this bump on my penis area? Is it Mole, Genital Wart, something else? (photo)

I have had a bump near the base of my penis for many years (probably 15 years). I have never asked a doctor about it or looked into it because it has... READ MORE

I have what look like skin tags on my penis. Who do I need to see? (photos)

I have had these for about a month or so and have not had any pain or discomfort. It just showed up and i have no idea what caused it. I am married... READ MORE

Is this a skin tag or a wart at the base of my penis? (photo)

I have had a thin flap of skin the hangs of the base of my penis around the genital hair for two years almost. Noticed it once after I shaved. It... READ MORE

Can skin tags grow in vaginas? (Photo)

I recently notice these tube like pices ofskin in my vagina . Is this normal? Or is it something more serious that needs to be looked into READ MORE

Could seborrheic keratosis cause my back, not the actual lesion to itch/tingle?

I have what I thought was a mole on my back, right side near shoulder blade, right wear bra strap lies. I went to my doctor Thursday. He said he... READ MORE

I have a skin tag. Can it be removed? (photos)

I have a skin tag I think thats what they call it im not sure and I have it in my crotch area I dont like it can it be removed? Is it bad? READ MORE

Can this skin tag be removed? (photos)

I have a single raised bump inside my buttocks that I was previously told by a doctor is a skin tag. It has become larger recently and I just want to... READ MORE

Why do I have a bump and soreness after getting a skin tag removed?

I had some large skin tag that hung off my butt cheek. I had it for over 20 years and I finally had it removed by my dermatologist today. It didn't... READ MORE

Are the little bumps on my neck skin tags or something I should be concerned about? (photo)

I've had this patch of small bumps on the side of my neck since I was a teenager, now I'm 24 and noticed there are a few more. READ MORE

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