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I have (very dark) groin, inner thigh, butt areas . Best treatment for dark spots?

I have (very dark) groin , inner thigh , butt areas . my shade is medium. Are there any type of chemical peels available for these areas? I also heard... READ MORE

How Many Skin Layers Are There in Human Body?

How many layers of skin are there in the human body?  Can you give me some details about each... how they work, what they do? READ MORE

What Could Be Causing Dry, Flaky Skin with Oily Areas?

Hi, I have a bad skin condition on my face. My skin is dry and a little flaky yet at the same time it gets oily on top. I have a lot of redness (maybe... READ MORE

Can a Person Change His or Her Skin Color?

Im not talking uneven complexioned or sun tanned skin talking about changing skin colour about 2 0r 3 shades well is there any just asking READ MORE

Treatment for Cottage Cheese Skin on my Face?

I thought I'd found the answer but it doesn't really sound like what I have. I have a few milia, but the other thing that I was looking for is the... READ MORE

Should I See a Hormone Specialist About my Extremely Oily Skin?

I must produce more Androgen hormones than any other 36-year-old woman on the planet, because I have extremely oily skin! It seems it has worsened as... READ MORE

Do I Need to Seek a Dermatologist's Help for Outbreak of Zits/rash?

I'm a healthy, active 30 yr. old woman. Recently parts of my face have broken out in a dry/flakey/with little zits rash. This has occurred above one... READ MORE

What to Do After Burn and Peel on Facial Skin?(photo)

I recently heard that putting toothpaste on yor face could dry up pimples well i did that and it casued me to get a huge burn on the side of my nose!... READ MORE

I have concerns on my first skin exam.

I have my first full skin exam scheduled. In talking with teh nurse, I was informed that I will be naked and "everything" will be checked. The only... READ MORE

Skin Looks Like Raw Chicken

A patch of skin on my neck started to look like raw chicken skin. Wasn't like a rash. It spread around my neck, at night when I laid put my head on a... READ MORE

How Long Should I Keep a Band Aid on my Nose over my Skin Graft?

It has been a week since my skin graft bolster bandage was removed. I put a band aid over my nose to keep the graft protected. When should I stop wear... READ MORE

What Are Some Treatment Options for Chronic Skin Lesions?

My cousin has had this for over five years, slowly developing from what appeared to be a small mosquito bite to what is pictured now. The lesion is... READ MORE

Skin Lightening for Dark Hands?

I'm not sure why but my hands especially around the knuckles and fingers are so dark. I've read it might be because the skin is thicker but is there... READ MORE

What Could These White Spots on my Face Be?

Over the past year, I have developed loss of pigmentation or white spots on my face. I have been to countless dermatologist who all give me different... READ MORE

Could some one tell me what this is? (photos)

Sizes vary, almost blend in with my skin, on pubic region and 2 spots above belly button, dont itch or anything.. READ MORE

My body is white but my face is black, what can I do?

My body is white, but face is black............... help me to whiten my face READ MORE

Does pink skin after scrape, regain normal color and how long does it take to blend with rest of the skin? (photo)

Hi, I fall from bicycle two months ago and scraped my forehead little. it was not deep and i think only top layer of skin was lost. there is no... READ MORE

The inside of my bottom lip is peeling and sore. Is this serious or just common irritation?

I have previously used smokeless tobacco, around 5 times. The last time i used it was 2 days ago. Today, the area inside of my bottom lip (where i put... READ MORE

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