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Any ideas what kind of bumps are these? I know it's not general acne. (Photo)

I've been having these painful bumps on my forehead for the past few months. I've tried different facial cleansers to help but nothing is working. I... READ MORE

Aloe Vera Good for Small Scars and Shrink Your Pores?

For the past year i have done about 4 glycolic peels from 30 to 70% the last time i did it was 3 months ago and i still have some scars left so im... READ MORE

Is there another option to remove a sebaceous cyst from my face other than cutting it out?

I have a sebaceous cyst above my upper lip ( in the space between my nose and my lip). It got infected last year and was drained at a hospital. I was... READ MORE

I Used Dr Scholls Freeze Away on my Leg and It Left a Scar? (photo)

Used Dr Scholls Freeze Away for what I thought was a wart on my leg. Second week in July. I have a perfectly round mark on my leg...... Same shape as... READ MORE

I've developed what looks like scarring on head of my penis over past two years. Not sore, itchy. What can I do? (Photo)

Is there anything for me to worry about? Is there anything i should be doing? Also have white lumps on shaft included in pictures READ MORE

Currently Suffering from Chicken Pox. Worried About Scars?

Hi.I am 26,suffering from chicken pox.(first time)Today is 4th day. My blisters on forehead was discharging yellow pus which had dried now makin the... READ MORE

Deep dark scars due to eczema? (photo)

Hi.. I have very deep bad scar in my leg from the past 5 years.Have tried all types of creams and lotions. Would you please help me by suggesting... READ MORE

What's the Best Treatment to Minimise Scarring for a Keratoacanthoma on the Face? (photo)

I've a 14 wk. Keratoacanthoma on face. It's shrunk from 9millimeter to 7.5millimeter in last 3 weeks. Local derm seem confident it's not skin cancer,... READ MORE

What is wrong with my skin? Enlarged pores, scarring, holes. What is causing it and can it be fixed with medication or surgery?

About a year ago I noticed what I thought were pores getting enlarged and leaving the occasional scar and ice pick hole. The past 6 months it has... READ MORE

Is the scarring bad after Dilated Winer Pore Surgery? (photo)

Hi there, I have this awful dilated pore on my cheek. I know there is a type of surgery available where they can "punch" it out, but it involves... READ MORE

I Have Hidradenitis Suprativa, What Can Be Done and How Much with It Cost? (photo)

Is it possible to have sweat glands removed or infected with botox? if so how much would it cost? I have a mild case of HS which is a chronic skin... READ MORE

Sebaceous Hyperplasia Red Spot?

I recently had a sebaceous hyperplasia removed from my face. I have a little red spot where it was removed. It will be three weeks on Monday January... READ MORE

What is this around my pores? (photos)

What are these lines lines/cracks around my pores? Is this scarring? It makes my makeup go on so uneven! READ MORE

I have bump on my nose tip that is a sebaceous cyst. Will removal leave permanent scarring or indent? How long to heal? (photo)

This bump has been present for several years and now is big enough to bug me. I saw an ENT who said it was a sebaceous cyst & referred me to a plastic... READ MORE

How do I get rid of folliculitis on my butt and back thighs? (Photo)

I believe I have folliculitis on my rear and on the back of my thighs. This has been going on for a few years now. Multiple will appear and leave dark... READ MORE

What is causing my penis skin to get irritated? It's starting to leave a scar mark. (Photo)

It began to make mark from right from below the peehole then slowly began to grow 45 percent across my penis. It seems like if I masturbate it will... READ MORE

What treatments would you recommend to clear arm scars from KP & skin picking? (photos)

I have a long history of keratosis pilaris on my arms. I picked at it for many years and it had left me with quite a bit of dark spots/scarring. Now I... READ MORE

How to Get Rid of Eczema Scar?

I am just 20 and I got eczema in 2011 on my face due to stress.Since last year the eczema has gone away but the worse thing is that it left two brown... READ MORE

Inner thigh discoloration and buttock breakout, scarring? (photos)

Hello, the skin directly below my buttocks (crease area) and my inner thighs are severely discolored. At times appearing almost purplish. I also have... READ MORE

Risk And Chance Of Scarring For Removal Of Growth Wart on the Lip?

At first it looked like a spot on the top part of the lip but after a week it has grown quite big and looks like a wart. we have been to the doctors... READ MORE

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