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I Have a Mole with a Red Ring Around It in my Scalp? (photo)

I have this mole that I have had in my scalp for 2 years maybe even more (since I actually first noticed it) and it has always had a red ring around.... READ MORE

Numbness After Scalp Cyst Removal

Why I Still Feel Numbness After the Cyst Removal on my Scalp? The Surgery Was Done More Than Seven Days Ago. READ MORE

Dermatology: Horrible Dandruff , Head & Shoulders and Tsal Shampoos Not Working. How to Get Rid of It? (photo)

Ivve always had dandruf, but until now its always gone away with head and shoulders. I recently bought Neutrogena Tsal shampoo. I find that it... READ MORE

I have a medium sized red and white scalp. I am wondering what this bump is. Is it serious? (photos)

It is medium sized. Red- white scap in the middle. very sensitive to the touch. Have had no sex. READ MORE

One-year-old with Persistant Scalp Rash

Since birth my son had the normal cradle cap at about 3 months in went away. Since about 4 months old my son developed some papules on his scalp,... READ MORE

I've had scalp folliculitis for years. Accutane for 6 months failed. What else can I try?

I already tried 5 different antibiotics. All failed. I've had the condition for 10 years. READ MORE

I am wondering if I have a serious skin condition on my scalp? (photo)

I have had this for several months now and it seems to be getting worse over time. Itchy red from scratching and picking at it. Big flakes come off... READ MORE

For over a year I have been dealing with sores on entire body and scalp need help with proper diagnosis. (photos)

This started on my scalp, spread quickly to behind the ears, now they are located on my legs, stomach, side, thighs, calves, butt, and elbows. A... READ MORE

I have 2 seboorrheic keratose on my scalp, one 13mm diam and the other about 13x20mm, what treatments are available for them?

They are about 3cm apart and one has been increasing in size. A surgeon has said he will make one incision to cut them out and do a skin graft to the... READ MORE

How to treat my skin disorder on the back of my head? (photo)

I've had this pimple like for about 4 years now and can't seem to get rid of them I've tried things my mom or people have recommended but it doesn't... READ MORE

I Am Suffering from Scalp Psoriasis from Past 15-17 Years and Need Advice on Best Treatment to Keep It Under Control?

Hello I am 27 years old and have psoriasis dermatitis which majorly occurs in my scalp but if ignored, grows over my eyebrows, ear, chest as white... READ MORE

Treatment for Oozing Scalp from Eczema?

I have eczema of my scalp that is now causing my scalp to ooze. I have been asked to take Keflex, which I am still currently on, and was told to wash... READ MORE

The Top of my Head is Severely Itchy After Almost 3 Months Since I Had Brain Surgery, How Do I Get the Itchiness to Stop?

I had surgery at the beginning of February to test Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) for depression. DBS has been used for a long time for Parkinson's... READ MORE

I have been using lady bump stopper for some yrs now. It don't work. I have red and black bumps in the back of my head? (photo)

I have short hair I get cut every two weeks. It started when I first got my hair cut. Now I have these either ingrown hair bumps that's spreading. It... READ MORE

What is wrong with my scalp? I have been told it is psoriasis, acne keloidalis nuchae and folliculitis. (Photo)

They are itchy, hard, smooth, sometimes pus filled and red bumps in the hairline of my posterior scalp. I have tried Hibiclens, Selsun Blue, topical... READ MORE

My scalp stays red on top of my head. Any suggestions? (photos)

My scalp stays red on top of my head. It's localized to this area. My hair seems to be thinning here. It's not painful or itchy just unsightly to me.... READ MORE

Acne keloidalis nuchae scarring? (photo)

Dear RealSelf, I had a cyst on the back left of my scalp and regret having it surgically removed. It seemed to have sparked a flare in acne in the... READ MORE

What is the cause of itchy bumps and peeling skin on my fingers, arms & scalp? (photo)

I have itchy bumps on my fingers and peeling skin also feel bumps on my scalp above my ear..what is it? how can i get rid of it i have tried cortizone... READ MORE

30yr Old - Have Hemangioma on my Scalp That is Not Visible. Does It Need to Come Off?

I've had a Hemangioma (1inch) on my scalp since I was a baby... and never thought much of it because my hair covers it nicely. My normal dermatologist... READ MORE

What is this on my scalp? (photo)

Lots Of Times It Is Very Sore And When Its Scratched It Bleeds. Could It Be A Side Effect Of Eczema? READ MORE

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