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A little red mark on the skin under my eye appeared overnight? Is this broken blood vessels? (photo)

I woke up and noticed this little red spot under the skin under my eye. I have looked on the web about it and think it could be just a broken blood... READ MORE

Small red dot under the eye. (photo)

Hello. I found a small red dot under my eye, it appeared overnight and doesn't hurt. I desperately hope it will disappear on its own! I'm on Zyrona,... READ MORE

I Have Red Spots Developing on my Chest and Stomach Area. More and More Have Been Showing Up and It's Very Unsightly? (photo)

If you can tell from the photos, please tell me what you think it is and how to treat it... Thank you READ MORE

Red spots on forehead NOT cancer - so what else could they be? (Photo)

Pimple on my forehead 6 months ago did not heal after 4-5 weeks and looked like actinic keratosis I'd had. Used unexpired Effudex for a week or 2, but... READ MORE

why is my bf penis red around the foreskin and top of penis?

It isnt itchy or irratating him but it is very red and look like a rash around top head of penis READ MORE

Red "dotty" legs - Is there a name for this?

For years I have had red pores/hair follicles on my legs. These dots are flat and do not irritate me in any way- it's purely cosmetic. Is there a name... READ MORE

Should I be worried about red spot on top of forehead? (photo)

I have a very small spot (size of the tip of a sharpened pencil) which sits on the top of my forehead, just under my hairline . The spot is pretty... READ MORE

Can Anybody Tell Me What's Wrong with my Skin? (photo)

This year I found there are many red pinpoint spot in my arm, I found some in my neck and leg, I'm worried, it's flat, and just red pinpoint spot like... READ MORE

What Are Red Spots on Abdomen? (photo)

A few months ago red spots began appearing on my abdomen, slowly growing and becoming scaly and itchy at times. I've had the same type of spots before... READ MORE

What Is Causing This Red Spot, and How Do I Correct It?

In 2008 I made the mistake of an "at home" TCA peel of 35%. No aftercare was done, and sunblock wasn't worn. Things turned out fairly... READ MORE

Round Reddish Spots on my Back After Finding Tick?

I have pinkish reddish round spots about the size of a dime on my middle/lower back that I noticed last night. It just worries me cuz just a week ago... READ MORE

Is this raised red spot above bikini line area a melanoma? I've had it for over a month? (Photo)

For the past month, I've noticed a small raised bright red spot in my bikini line area. At first I assumed it was an ingrown hair that my wax lady had... READ MORE

Have these red bumps around the area between my penis and ass? (photo)

Doesn't itch unless I scratch them. And not painful at all. Was just a few before. Feels like more now, unless it's just me getting confused. Have a... READ MORE

I have a little lump just above my pubic area, which looks like a spot

I noticed this yesterday while having a shower and forgot about it, my job involves lifting heavy objects sometimes from the floor. I thought my jeans... READ MORE

I have red bumps on the inside of my thigh what are they? (photos)

They a painful when touched and they are on both thighs. They are red and protrude but nothing has come out of them. I've had these bumps on and off... READ MORE

Change in Face Due to Hydroquinone/Hydrocortisone Cream (Pictures Included)

In November 2009 I was prescribed a 4% hydroquinone and 1% hydrocortisone cream. After using this cream for a couple of weeks I noticed spontaneous... READ MORE

What type of spot is this? Red dot with white ring around it? (photo)

My mother has this spots that sometimes comes out. She gets extreme headaches the night before they appear. She then feels tired, depressed and dizzy... READ MORE

What is the red spots on the hard of my penis? (photo)

I have never had sex and it appeared a little bit before but now there's a bit more red spots READ MORE

Small red dots/bumps on toes and now fingers? (photo)

Hello, I am a 37 yo male with no apparent medical issues. Several years ago, I lived in a communal environment in which I shared a shower area with... READ MORE

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