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What are these red bumps on my scrotum/Testicles? (photos)

These bumps itch about once a day (intense itch) then doesn't bother me for the rest of the day. They first appeared about a week and a half ago.... READ MORE

What are these red bumps that appeared on my penis. Appeared about a week and a half ago, no itching or burning. (photo)

They appeared maybe a week and a half ago. I haven't had sexual contact in about 2 or so months with anyone. I have had unprotected sex but only with... READ MORE

Are these acne scars on my face or just open pores or my skin healing? (photo)

I had seborrhea dermatitis on my face for about 2 or 3 months i had very heavy crusting then i got it treated and it all came off within a matter of... READ MORE

When will tretinoin stop making my face red, peel, and dry?

I used the product before only in a lower concentration 0.05 and it cleared out all my pimples w/in a month! After a year, I got breakouts. My derma... READ MORE

I Have a Mole with a Red Ring Around It in my Scalp? (photo)

I have this mole that I have had in my scalp for 2 years maybe even more (since I actually first noticed it) and it has always had a red ring around.... READ MORE

Why does my skin randomly turn extremely red and blotchy? Thank you.

I can be literally anywhere doing anything and my face (nowhere else) will go bright red and there will be darker red blotches all over down to my... READ MORE

What is this big, red bump on my chest/stomach area? (photo)

I'm a white male in my early 30's. For the past 3 years I have been having breakouts on my shoulders, neck, chest & stomach. I've never had body acne... READ MORE

How can I remove this red dot on my nose? And blackheads? (photos)

I been having this red dot on my nose that doesnt seem to go away.. idk what to do.. do you have any recommendations to remove it and my blackheads as... READ MORE

What had made my Scrotum itchy and red? And inside of my thigh itchy and red? (photos)

Was wondering what is the case with the inside of my thighs and on my Scortum area the skin has developed red itchy dry rash? What has caused this and... READ MORE

Are these Benzoyl peroxide burn marks temporary and how long will it take to go away? (photos)

I used a benzoyl peroxide wash that contained 5% and it was burning my face when i applied it for some reason even though i've been using it for... READ MORE

I Got a Serious Problem with my Nose. Looks Like a Pimple, but it's been there for Three Years? (photo)

Help me please.There is something on my nose like a pickle but it isnt one....Its been there for 3 years..and no one knows what it is..Im asking you... READ MORE

I have inflamed foreskin on one side with an a red ulcer like lump. Could you identify what it might be? (photo)

Its been there for a few months now.its not normally painful but can cause some discomfort from time to time. I also note that when the foreskin is... READ MORE

I have a red bump on bikini line. What is it?

Okay so I have a red bump on my bikini line. Just one and it hurts. It looks like it may be coming to a head. Any idea on what it is? READ MORE

I have dark spots on my groin area. Can it be a chemical burn from bleaching cream or do I have fungus on the skin?

I have dark spots on my groin area what can i use i dont want to visit a doctor...I was using a bleaching cream on my genital area ,i didnt have... READ MORE

Red spot on my nose. (Photo)

I had this blackhead on my nose 2 days ago and I tried popping it and it left a small red spot which is normal. But after a couple of days I've... READ MORE

Small Red Patches on Penis foreskin (Photos)

It appeared a few weeks ago. First a small red patch. I ignored it as I thought I might have scratched it by mistake. But now it has spread to other... READ MORE

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