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Will my electrocautery treatment for sebaceous hyperplasia leave permanent scars?

I normally heal in about a week after electrocautery for sebaceous hyperplasia, but this time I had a severe reaction of fluid filled blisters even... READ MORE

How to Remove Black Spots from Allergic Reaction?

I have black raised (some) spots on my hands and arms, and black spots on my legs from an allergic reaction to Nickle. Therefore I am always covering... READ MORE

What Is Causing This Red Spot, and How Do I Correct It?

In 2008 I made the mistake of an "at home" TCA peel of 35%. No aftercare was done, and sunblock wasn't worn. Things turned out fairly... READ MORE

Does Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (Toothpaste) Cause Skin Allergic Reactions?

I had patch test recently and it shows allergy reaction on my toothpaste. I also notice that the degree of severity relates to ingredient 'sodium... READ MORE

How Do I Get Rid of Dark Spots from an Allergic Reaction? (photo)

I've had these spots on my body for like 6 years now and I have them all over. My legs, arms, shoulders and chest. It happened from a medication I... READ MORE

Allergic reaction rash on my lips. How to get rid of it fast? (photo)

It's making me feel depressed and embarrassed.  READ MORE

Face Rash from Mastisol?

PLEASE HELP! Had rhinoplasty and 3 days post surgery started to notice some skin irritation near the tape on my face. Progressively worsened and... READ MORE

What Should I Apply After Having Allergic Reactions to Erythromycin Cream?

I had a warts removal and they applied erythromycin cream after. The following day, I woke up with itchy feeling and reddish bumps on tha part... READ MORE

Crease on the left side of my face from having a reaction two 2 light acid night creams? (photo)

I mixed some prescription stuff with Avon's Anew and I had a reaction to it during the night. My face swelled up pretty bad, but it was gone within a... READ MORE

So I got this facial reaction upon using benzac. What's the cure? (Photo)

My doctor gave me loratadine and hydrocort cream which has the content of bp 1% so i decided not to use it because it may trigger my allergy in the... READ MORE

How do I get rid of a cream reaction on my face

I was in use of Caro white and then switch to Irish gold and it reacted on my face READ MORE

I have a patch of tiny bumps on both my bum cheeks all my life, is this acne? And how do I get rid of them? (Photos)

I have had a patch ,about the size of my palm, of these tiny bumps, I've never had any redness or "heads" on these bumps, never had and puss or... READ MORE

Is this a reaction to something? I have little bumps on the top of my arms but they don't itch (Photo)

I have these little bumps on the top of my arms. One arm looks like it had spread. It doesn't itch. Im wondering did I have a reaction to something. READ MORE

Red marks shown up under eyes, not a rash or itchy (Photo)

I woke up to find red marks under my eyes. There not painful in any way but just curious as to what they could be. I know it's not alergic reactions... READ MORE

I have a drug reaction black mark on my upper lip area and corners of my lips. What can I do? (Photo)

Due to panic drug reaction I have black mark of my upper lip and corners of my lips. I hv been to best dermatologist who prescribed me expensive... READ MORE

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