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I Have This Weird Rash Thing on my Butt? (photo)

Ok so its been about 2 years and i still have this rash! I have been to the doctors twice and both gave me PrepH. Ive used both tubes and it still... READ MORE

I Have a Rash And/or Skin Discoloration on my Neck/collarbone? What is It?

What are these rings on my neck and collarbone? They dont itch. Just make me very selfconscious. Is there a home remedy to get rid of them? READ MORE

Rash That Gets Worse in the Sun?

My boyfriend has had this rash for about 3 weeks now. He has them all over his skin. -They aren't swollen, itchy, scaly, raised up, or hot. -They get... READ MORE

Do I Need to Seek a Dermatologist's Help for Outbreak of Zits/rash?

I'm a healthy, active 30 yr. old woman. Recently parts of my face have broken out in a dry/flakey/with little zits rash. This has occurred above one... READ MORE

What Kind of Rash Do You Think This Is? (photo)

Hello I would like to know what kind of rash do I have. I have had it for almost a year now. The rash is on by right bust. Its reddish and is dry and... READ MORE

Rash on inner thigh? (photo)

I've got this rash, with in the past 2 weeks. I haven't had sex, for atleast 7 months. Its smells. Is itchy, very sensitive. Is only on my.inner thigh... READ MORE

Is this a fungal rash on my inner thigh or STD? (photo)

I have an inner thigh rash, that is extremely itchy. Sometimes there are moments where I can tolerate not itching it. I haven't had any other symptoms... READ MORE

What had made my Scrotum itchy and red? And inside of my thigh itchy and red? (photos)

Was wondering what is the case with the inside of my thighs and on my Scortum area the skin has developed red itchy dry rash? What has caused this and... READ MORE

I have a bumpy type rash on my vagina (Photo)

The bumps/ rash itch occasionally but for the most part they haven't been a bother. I was itching at one point in time to the point where my clitoris... READ MORE

Anal hole itching, redness, rash? (photo)

Hi i am a 16 year old male and i noticed about two days earlier that my anal hole hurt a little but i did not think too much of it because i thought... READ MORE

I Have a Rash on my Penile Head? (photo)

Idk how long it's been there for. My penile head is sensitive sometimes. I'm 16 and have had unprotected sex but it was a year ago... Could these be... READ MORE

What is this rash on my inner thighs? Could it be related to pregnancy? (photo)

Not sure if it has anything to do with it but it showed up shortly after I found out I was pregnant. Usually never itches and ranges from brown to red... READ MORE

How to treat a rash on my upper thigh/butt cheek? (photo)

Just the other day I was wearing shorts and noticed I had a red "rash like" area just below my right butt cheek on my upper thigh. The area is red and... READ MORE

Returning itching skin rash all over body that comes and goes in phases. What could it be?

I have been tested by an allergist and nothing was found. The Dermatologist said it's hives and doesn't know where it comes from. Worst areas are my... READ MORE

What is This Blotchy Rash? (photo)

I was tubing down the river today and it was about 35•c out. I was wearing lots if SPF 50 sunscreen and I didn't miss anyspots. I was in the sun for a... READ MORE

I Have a Ringworm Like Rash (Not Ringworm Though) and Constant Prune in Hands/palms?

Hi, For 6 months now I have had a rash in two locations that looks like ringworm but has been determined through treatment that it is not. Blood tests... READ MORE

I have this rash and boils on each side of the crease of my leg and vagina what could it be? (photo)

Left side is a painful to touch rash and right side has to disfuctional color boils READ MORE

My Typically Clear Face Is Breaking Out In A Rash- Itching, Sensitive. What Can I Fo?

Good day, My face started having like rash and became dry itching sensitive when exposed to heat. Even I used Vaseline it just last only minutes.... READ MORE

Dark Discoloration and Dryness/flakiness from Perioral Dermatitis. Will Peels Work? (photo)

How do you get rid of discoloration from perioral dermatitis? It appears to be hyperpigmentation, but it does get red (Ex: I applied lactic acid and... READ MORE

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