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I recently noticed two bumps in my pubic region. What are they are and should I worry? (Photo)

I recently noticed two bumps one more pimple like and the other larger but more sore and cyst like it , can closely resemble it to mollusca but... READ MORE

What Does This Look Like? (photo)

I trimed my pubic area about 4 days ago and I just noticed today I had 8 bumps on my pubic area 4 at the top and 4 toward the lower READ MORE

I've got a clutter of bumps in my pubic hair area for more than 2 months. Surface is rough & its not itchy or painful. (photos)

I have had these bumps for over 3 months. Not painful or itchy but when I shaved it seems to spread. Please help I am worried. READ MORE

What to Do About Night Itches That Don't Respond to Treatment?

Incredible groin itch/nocturnal - Only late at night--every night in bed. OTC or prescrpt. useless! 5 dermatologists cannot solve this. No bed mites... READ MORE

I have these odd semi-dark circles near my chest area and on my neck. Should I be worried? (photos)

This is where it gets weird.....I also have in my pubic area two are connected and one is closer to my right thigh. Should I be worried and is this... READ MORE

I have pimples on my pubic hair area with little pus. Six days ago? (photo)

I need help, about treatment of that area and how use of medicines for my pimples, Thanks. BABUR. READ MORE

Is this herpes? Or any other STD? (photo)

I've only had 2 partners in my life. I did have unprotected sex with both. I haven't had sex in the past 2 months. It has been itchy in the area I'm... READ MORE

Ingrown hairs? Or worse? (photo)

My ingrown hairs start as the tinyest little red bumps. I Can see the hair just under the skin so I will try to remove it by popping it. But then it... READ MORE

What is this painful bump beneath my pubic hair? (photos)

So i gave a picture taken from intewrnet and edited so you see where is this so i have a bump size of a pea and i can grab it from both sides with my... READ MORE

I have a little lump just above my pubic area, which looks like a spot

I noticed this yesterday while having a shower and forgot about it, my job involves lifting heavy objects sometimes from the floor. I thought my jeans... READ MORE

I have a single bump on pubic area. Could it be a Genital wart or something else? (photos)

I have a bump on the pubic area between the belly button and penis shaft. I have been with only my wife in the past 12 years but she had an affair 18... READ MORE

What kind of skin condition could this be? (photos)

I am a 28 year old male and I have been getting these small bumps on my genital and pubic area. I have done a HSV blood PCR which was negative and... READ MORE

I'm 19 year old girl of white complexion and dark brown pigmentation. What treatment would you recommend? (photos)

I 'm 19 year old girl of white complexion ,having dark brown pigmentation since A year on inner tigh bikini and pubic area .visited my dermatologist... READ MORE

Is this a skin tag? How can I remove it? (photo)

Seems like a skin tag in my pubic area but I'm not sure if that's all it is READ MORE

Could some one tell me what this is? (photos)

Sizes vary, almost blend in with my skin, on pubic region and 2 spots above belly button, dont itch or anything.. READ MORE

I get a lot of cystic acne on my pubic region, what is the best way to deal with this ? I am 27 yr old female.

Often due to ingrowth of hair. is there a way to deal with this ? they often do not heal very fast until the pus is removed and are very painful. READ MORE

Is it normal to get bumps after shaving pubic region?

Ive had red bumps in the pubic area after shaving and they've been there for a little over 2 weeks and have not gone away any solutions? READ MORE

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