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I Am an Asian. I Used Lemon Juice on Skin for Two Days and I Ended Up Having Darker Circular Pigmentation?

2 or 3 spots on face. Darker than my normal skin tone.What can be done about it as I didnt have it prior to using lemon. READ MORE

Pigmentation Removal On Penis Glans?

I have a 3mm round pigmented area on the glans of my penis. I'm white so the skin on the glans of my penis is pinkish making this brown area really... READ MORE

Redness, Pigmentation and Freckles: What Can I Do?

I have very red cheeks that get even more red and sometimes sting and burn when I exercise or am in sunlight or hot weather, I also have freckles on... READ MORE

Fraxel, Erbium, or C02 Laser for Dark Freckles and Small Dark Moles? (photo)

I have dark brown freckles on my neck and a few on my face. They are not raised so I wouldn't consider them moles, but they have the pigmentation of... READ MORE

I have a scar on my upper lips. There are also back pigments on my nose. What treatment would you recommend? (photo)

I was in a motor cycle accident 4 years ago. There was laceration on my upper lip that required a few stitches. The stitches were not done properly... READ MORE

Broken Red and Blue Veins on Face. What Kind of Treatment do I Need?

I have olive toned skin riddled with broken veins(red and blue) what is the most effective and safe treatment for my skin , without incurring scars... READ MORE

What Could These White Spots on my Face Be?

Over the past year, I have developed loss of pigmentation or white spots on my face. I have been to countless dermatologist who all give me different... READ MORE

I'm 19 year old girl of white complexion and dark brown pigmentation. What treatment would you recommend? (photos)

I 'm 19 year old girl of white complexion ,having dark brown pigmentation since A year on inner tigh bikini and pubic area .visited my dermatologist... READ MORE

Large Discoloration and Loss of Pigment On Lips. Scar Revision Surgery Consulation? (photo)

I have a loss of pigment/discoloration on my lower in almost its entirety and some what on my upper lip, but this areas is not my concern. This scar... READ MORE

How to Restore Pigmentation to Upper Lips.

Loss of pigmentation on upper lips. READ MORE

Pigmentation on Penis Glans - Best Method of Removal?

I have a pigmented area on my penis glans which i want removed. It is around 3mm radius and quite dark. Have had it checked by a urologist who said... READ MORE

Is 4% Hydroquinone safe to use to treat eczema scarring when the eczema is still active? (photo)

There is dark pigmentation caused by scratching over 20 yrs the eczema is still active but not severe. The area to be treated is the skin between the... READ MORE

Did I ruin my skin using Curaderm to treat AK? Is there a treatment to restore the pigment? (photos)

You can see in my breast photos that my skin looks bleached where I used Curaderm (an eggplant product) to treat pre cancerous skin lesions. I didn't... READ MORE

How do I get rid of dark pigmentation at the corners of my mouth? (Photo)

I have had dark discoloration at the sides of my mouth. I have noticed it is getting larger. I am not sure what causes this and would like information... READ MORE

Inner Eye Corner Swelling and Bumps Around Eyes and Forehead, What Is This? (photo)

A few months ago I noticed the inner corner of my eyes were a lighter color then the rest of my skin and raised. Swelling comes and goes but it's... READ MORE

What are these spots on my legs? They are small pigmentations, some are ingrown hair. (photos)

Purple, red spots all over my legs. I've had them since I was little. I'm 23 years old, female. They are bumpy and even when I scrub in the shower,... READ MORE

Can corns, blisters, and calluses be removed using cosmetic surgery? What can be done about dark nails pigmentation?

I'm an African American I have a corn, blister, and calluses on my toes and dark discoloration pigmentation on my toenails from sports. I also have... READ MORE

What is the Best Treatment for Acanthodians Nigricans?

I've just been recently diagnosed with heritary acanthodians Nigricans. I'm so upset I don't know what to do I've been referred to a dermotologist.... READ MORE

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