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Is this a blood blister on my face? (Photo)

I am not sure what exactly this is but I have had it for about a year now. I have tried picking it (I couldn't help it) but i think that just made it... READ MORE

Help on Keratosis Pilaris..

Hello. I am 24 years old and have had Keratosis Pilaris on my arms,legs, and face since i was about 5 yrs old. It goes from my shoulders all the way... READ MORE

What can I do to get rid of these pimples? (Photo)

I'm not too sure what kind of pimples these are, but basically I pick at my pimples a lot so I would assume they're kind of scarred. Any products or... READ MORE

How to Get Rid of Sebaceous Filaments Effectively?

The pores on my nose are always clogged and filled with sebaceous filaments. I relieve the pores after my shower in the morning every day, but before... READ MORE

Bumps All over Forehead. Picked At Scabs. What Can I Do?

A couple of years ago I got a full fringe.This lead me to get severe breakouts on my forehead and I ended up picking my spot which turned into scabs... READ MORE

Something on my butt: What is it? (Photo)

Hi, i got this on my butt 2, 2.5 years. At first i thought it's acne. It didn't hurt, it's very soft. After i picked it now it looks like a mushroom,... READ MORE

I have a large black bump on my right butt cheek. What could it be? (photo)

It is rough and when I pick at it, it bleeds. It's been like this for about 4 years now. READ MORE

What treatments would you recommend to clear arm scars from KP & skin picking? (photos)

I have a long history of keratosis pilaris on my arms. I picked at it for many years and it had left me with quite a bit of dark spots/scarring. Now I... READ MORE

Skin Picking; Will Skin Return to Normal? (photo)

I am of Indian descent. One day I scratched the black spot repeatedly and the skin just peeled off. There was no blood loss except for 1 pinprick... READ MORE

What is this bump formed on my forehead? It feels deep & will not go away & cannot be easily popped like a normal pimple (photo)

I've had this bump on my forehead for a few years now & don't know what it is. Tried to pop it a couple times & a couple tiny firm bead like deposits... READ MORE

I think I have Staph, but I've picked at these scabs, it's been a few days and they swell a bit. (Photo)

I've had staph before but it looked different than this. Some of these started up as scabs and for some reason i can't help but pick at them. they've... READ MORE

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