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Tretinoin & Peeling

I am writing about Tretinoin usage. One of the side effects of using this medication is peeling of the skin. There are people who say that this is a... READ MORE

I have dark patches on my knuckles and fingers. It has started peeling. What is on my hands and what should I do? (photos)

It's on both my hands and it's been there for about a week. Today the dark patches started to bubble as if it were a blister. I rubbed it and the skin... READ MORE

Suggestions for Cracked Dry Heels?

My heels are very very cracked and dryto the point it is hard to walk sometimes. would this product help remove the dry, cracked, peeling skin. READ MORE

When will tretinoin stop making my face red, peel, and dry?

I used the product before only in a lower concentration 0.05 and it cleared out all my pimples w/in a month! After a year, I got breakouts. My derma... READ MORE

What to Do After Burn and Peel on Facial Skin?(photo)

I recently heard that putting toothpaste on yor face could dry up pimples well i did that and it casued me to get a huge burn on the side of my nose!... READ MORE

Epiduo Gel Problems? (photo)

I'm having a couple of side effects from Epudio Gel, which my doctor prescribed to treat my acne. I started it last week, and at first it seemed to... READ MORE

Best Way to Care for Skin During Tretinion Peeling?

Hi all I'm 27/female/ I've been using 0.25% tretinoin cream twice weekly for the past 8 weeks. I've never used it before so begun lowest strength.... READ MORE

I'm 22 yr old female with facial puffiness, enlarged pores, and hyper pigmentation. Can I fix this? (photos)

About 2 year ago I tried to person a chemical peel on myself. I messed up my skin. I had really bad hyperpigmrntation. It's still dark but now I have... READ MORE

Noticed Dry Skin and Opening on Penis? (photo)

The picture shows our it more clear than I can describe, I haven't had sex and an clean so I just don't understand what this could be. Thanks. READ MORE

I used savlon iodine antiseptic on my face, the skin blackened and peeled off. What can I do to prevent pigment changes? (Photo)

Used savlon antiseptic for too long on my face after popping a spot the skin blackened and peeled off this is the image 4 days later can i use... READ MORE

There is a dry red spots above my eyelid. What treatment would you recommend? (photo)

I don't know what to do it's inflamed dry and peels, and it is leaving purple lines and wrinkles and I'm only 18. People keep asking me why I look so... READ MORE

The inside of my bottom lip is peeling and sore. Is this serious or just common irritation?

I have previously used smokeless tobacco, around 5 times. The last time i used it was 2 days ago. Today, the area inside of my bottom lip (where i put... READ MORE

Dermatofibromas? (photos)

At first I believed that I had a dermatofibromas, but now it seems to have grown and it looks like a puffy raised scar?To begin with the bump on my... READ MORE

What do I do to resolve my peeled of skin burn? (photos)

Ive been using benzoyl peroxide soap on my face because of my acne and now and ive felt my skin burning and my skin peeling off and now I have a sort... READ MORE

Burnt Nose With A Cream And Peeled It, How Can I Fix This?

About 2 month ago i burnt my nose with some cream and about a week ago i peel it and now it looks nasthy what can i do need help please... READ MORE

Bumps on Skin Almost Corrugated on My Toe. Painless, But What Could it Be?

Have some very small hard bumps on the skin of my great toe. The bumps are not discolored, painful or itchy. The skin near the upper arch of my... READ MORE

My Skin Started Peeling and Became Reddish After Applying Dettol Three Times. What is the Problem?

Two days before,i have applied dettol on my skin after my shave,,,,,i have applied dettol three times,today my skin started peeling and became reddish... READ MORE

What is the cause of itchy bumps and peeling skin on my fingers, arms & scalp? (photo)

I have itchy bumps on my fingers and peeling skin also feel bumps on my scalp above my ear..what is it? how can i get rid of it i have tried cortizone... READ MORE

What is the cause of constant peeling of the lips for 3 months? (photo)

Hi, I applied RoC retinol cream on my lips and vit c serum. After two days my lips began peeling. It has been 3 months and it still is peeling. Is it... READ MORE

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