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Big Oily Bumpy Nose? (photo)

I have a Big oily big nose and it has bumps because of pimples. how to remove these irritating bumps? and how to cure this excessive oil secretion? Is... READ MORE

What Could Be Causing Dry, Flaky Skin with Oily Areas?

Hi, I have a bad skin condition on my face. My skin is dry and a little flaky yet at the same time it gets oily on top. I have a lot of redness (maybe... READ MORE

Largest Pores in the Entire Universe? (photo)

Please help I am in desperate need. I have extremely oily skin, which is why my pores get so large and I break out alot. Trust me I do take care of my... READ MORE

Should I See a Hormone Specialist About my Extremely Oily Skin?

I must produce more Androgen hormones than any other 36-year-old woman on the planet, because I have extremely oily skin! It seems it has worsened as... READ MORE

Oily, Red, Sensitive Skin

Since 13 I have had pimples.I think it's normal at my age(now I'm 17)In winter my skin started to get oily.Before that,it was normal.Now I... READ MORE

What Are These Things Stuck in the Pores of my Nose and Forehead? (photo)

I have very oily skin and these things get stuck in my pores. They sometimes come out after I was my face, but are back by the next day. I rarely ever... READ MORE

Can Oily Skin Be Treated Without Accutane?

Oily skin has caused my 10 years with acne (now 24yrs old) Can oily skin be effectively treated without Accutane? Over active sebaceous glands cause... READ MORE

Best Way to Thin out Oily Skin ?

Is there any way to thin out thick , oily nose skin (only skin) ? READ MORE

Does Pore Extraction Can Help Oily Nose Skin ?

I see small black dots on my nose , if I do pore extraction with my hands , does it help my oily skin? or is there a better way? READ MORE

My skin is tight, itchy, blotchy and flaky but also oily & acne prone?

In the AM i wash with skinceuticals LHA cleansing gel then tone with skinceuticals LHA solution.Then i apply my Acanya gel & CeraVe SPF 30... READ MORE

Can someone help me with red face, large pores and brown spots? Using OBAGI -C clarifying serum and it help a little. (photo)

Hi I have brown spots as well as red area's and large pores. I am using using OBAGI -C clarifying serum. Helps a little. Does the OBAGI -C contain... READ MORE

Why do the pores on nose produce so much oil?

I have a lot of tiny little pores on my nose and oil is constantly coming out of them so it makes my nose oily and shiny. I scrub my face with soap... READ MORE

Treating Super Oily Skin?

After washing my face like an hour later it becomes super oily! I have used various topical treatments, several mild cleansers and I blot my skin... READ MORE

Laser for Extremely Numerous and Unnaturally Large Pores? (photo)

Hello, I am a very young patient (21) with a severe pore and oil problem that I've had for numerous years, a problem that has caused extreme... READ MORE

Why Has my Skin Has Suddenly Become Extremely Oily?

I am 41 and have had pretty oily skin since my teenage years. In my 30's my skin was a combination of oily in the t-zone and normal elsewhere. Well,... READ MORE

I have an uneven forehead (bumpy and oily) and chicken type skin on my neck and chest. Any suggestions?

Hi, I'm 34 years old. I've never been able to get clear answers or help by dermatologists i've seen in the past. I have uneven skin. My forehead is... READ MORE

Why do I have bumps all over my forehead?? And bumps on my hairline as well? (photos)

I didn't start getting acne like this until recently, a little over a month ago. It's super bumpy, feels scaley, hard, and scabby sometimes. My skin... READ MORE

Saw Palmetto for Male Oily Skin?

I am 21 year old male and have very oily skin and acne. I was on accutane 2 years ago and my acne and oily skin has returned. Is it safe for a male to... READ MORE

How should I moisturize/treat my dry, damaged skin due to squeezing blackheads? My skin has also become red and bumpy. (photo)

I have damaged, dry/peeling skin from squeezing blackheads in my T-Zone. My skin is naturally oily but has become dry (to the point of peeling) due to... READ MORE

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