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Nail Fungus or Melanoma, How Can You Tell the Difference?

I saw my big toe nail today during a pedicure and noticed that part of it is blackish greenish in color. I have a history of melanoma insitu and... READ MORE

Toe Nail Fungus or Melanoma?

I have toe nail fungus and I just noticed a dark asymmetrical spot coming in as my nail is growing could it be a melanoma? READ MORE

Should I be concerned of melanoma of the finger/toenail bed?

I had a black/blue colored spot on the big toe of my right foot a few months ago. Didn't think much of it and figured I must have stumped my toe. It... READ MORE

Is this raised red spot above bikini line area a melanoma? I've had it for over a month? (Photo)

For the past month, I've noticed a small raised bright red spot in my bikini line area. At first I assumed it was an ingrown hair that my wax lady had... READ MORE

Is this melanoma or something else? (photo)

Few days ago I noticed this "stain" on my toe. As far as I remember I had on the same place a longer time the same shape of stain, just that it was in... READ MORE

Is This a Radial Skin Melanoma or a Rash? (photo)

I had a flat red spot near my elbow which increased in size over a week from 3 mm to 10 mm (still flat) and became pale red on the perimeter and pale... READ MORE

I am going to go to a dermatologist this week but am worried about toenail melanoma. Any suggestions? (photos)

I have had fungus in my big toe for over 10 years - about a month ago i noticed most of the nail turned black in color, with some green and blue. Now... READ MORE

I'm worried this spot in my armpit might be melanoma. Does it look like melanoma? (photo)

I noticed this almost two weeks ago when I raised my arm to shave. It was painful in the area and every time I moved my arm for about a week there was... READ MORE

Do u thin this a typical mole or melanoma? (photo)

Went to doctors as been coming out in a lot of moles.they checked me over and brought this mole to her attention.sure I've had it for 3years and... READ MORE

Could this redness around an existing mole be the early onset of Melanoma? (photos)

Hi everyone, Just recently I noticed that the area around an existing mole had become sort of redish, like a halo, and that worried me a little bit. I... READ MORE

I had a new 3mm black spot appear on my right thigh. I was told it is a skip away from melanoma. Is my test being under read?

Path (not dermpath) says atypical compound melanocytic nevus with severe dysplasia immediately adjacent to one peripheral margin. I am a 47 yo female. READ MORE

What is a Hereditary Growth?

I had a breast segmentectomy, along with a sentinel lymph node biopsy, in March after a melanoma diagnosis. About a week ago I noticed new... READ MORE

Subungal Melanoma or Hematoma - Toenail

I want to know if these markings under my toenail(s) are a subungal hepatoma or melanoma? READ MORE

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