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Why Does my Face Lose Fat Easily, Makes Me Look Haggard & Thin

My face loses its fat easily. A little cold or lack of sleep for one night, all of a sudden my face looks haggard and thin. It is not normal and... READ MORE

Severe Facial Wrinkles, Loose Skin and Deep Nasolabial Folds at Age 22, What to Do? (photo)

Dear experts, I need your advice. I am 22 but look +10 years! I started noticing wrinkles at about age 20 and it's just getting worse and worse. Also,... READ MORE

Loose, Dark Armpit Skin

Hi, i am 26 years old (Asian). Ive been waxing my full body since i was 13. for the past few years, my arm-pits look increasingly disgusting. the skin... READ MORE

I'm 20 and I have a white layer on my four skin and two white bumps under the head. (photo)

I really need treatment on my penis, I'm getting tired of whatever this is. It's not itchy and does not bug me, but loos skin appears on the white... READ MORE

I have a bump on the underside of my penile shaft and worried, what is it? And way to make them go away?

I'm 16 and have never had sex or anything of the sort. I first notice te bump 5 years back an still hasn't gone away. I saw a doctor a year ago and... READ MORE

Would Like to Wear Less Makeup, but I Have Dark Circles and Loose Skin Around My Eyes? (photo)

I want to wear less makeup b/c I hate wearing it, but I feel self conscious because I have dark circles & the skin around my eyes is getting a bit... READ MORE

Inner thigh discoloration and buttock breakout, scarring? (photos)

Hello, the skin directly below my buttocks (crease area) and my inner thighs are severely discolored. At times appearing almost purplish. I also have... READ MORE

What is the best treatment for aging skin, large pores and melasma?

I'm 34 & my skin is a bit looser causing it to look...soft? I've lost volume across my entire face. It makes my pores look huge. I've read peels are... READ MORE

24 Years Old: Skin on Face Changed in a 3 Day Period to Become Loose and Leathery with Burning and Itching: Normal? (Photo)

My skin was normal 3 days before and my face completely change within this period. I also burning and itchiness on my skin. Do I have any problem or... READ MORE

I Had Smile Lines + Loose Skin. What's Going on Now, is my Skin Confused?

I have shallow smile lines & loose skin at 30. I'm getting 1 session of fractional laser + 3 sessions of PRP therapy done soon, as my doctor... READ MORE

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