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Why do I have dark brown lines multiple more or less uniform on the dorsum of my penis? (Photo)

I have had few of them since a long time but recently they have increased in number..I'm currently on 1 mg finasteride od and 1 ml topical minoxidil... READ MORE

How Do I Cure These Dark Lines on my Face? Will It Become Permanent? (photo)

I have had these two dark lines by the sides of my face, on my noes line and around my chin, which looks like as if I have a mask on. This is due to... READ MORE

Age 26, Face Skin Started to Look Older These Past 3 Months? (photo)

Im 26 years old and my skin face started to look older these past 3 months , im having 2 lines just above my cheeks but the one on the right is more... READ MORE

Sun Damage?

My mother has a line that goes around her whole face like she has a mask on. its brown and dark and she is a white woman. what can she do? i have a... READ MORE

What is Wrong with my Skin? (photo)

I've had this problem with my skin for so long but I just dont know what the problem is? I have no spots, but when I look at my cheeks there seems to... READ MORE

Why do my fingernails look really pink with a line in them? (photo)

I recently noticed that my nails look unusually pink. There is a dark pink line that goes horizontally across each of them, just below the tips. Also,... READ MORE

I Have a Raised Line on my Penis Head?

I have a raised line and what looks like a dip with a raised edge on my penis , it is not itchy or painful in anyway READ MORE

What is this around my pores? (photos)

What are these lines lines/cracks around my pores? Is this scarring? It makes my makeup go on so uneven! READ MORE

What are these red lines on my back? (photos)

I recently started having back pain issues due to inactivity from staying off my knee while recovering from tendinitis. Also, bad posture but i... READ MORE

Red lines on back, doesn't look like stretch marks. Any suggestions? (photos)

I googled and the only things I found were stretch marks and bartonella. I only noticed these marks a few months ago and they have stayed since then.... READ MORE

Developing These Lines On My Arms? (photo)

Upper arm, I am developing lines. What is this?? It is very embarrassing . READ MORE

I'm 19 and Have Lines Under my Eyes and Around my Mouth. What Can Be Done About It? (photo)

I always look tired, even with a full night's sleep. If I turn my head down and look at people (or in the mirror), I look like a zombie. I'm only 19... READ MORE

Are There Any Natural Methods For Addressing Under Eye Lines?

I have lines under my eye, I want a solution other than injectable fillers such as botox or laser treatments.  do I have any options? READ MORE

I have had a dark line stretching from my umbilicus to the pubic region. What's causing these dark lines?

22 yrs old female here. I have had a dark line streching from my umbilicus to the pubic region since i was like 10 or 12. i am not pregnant. i have... READ MORE

What Could the Small Brown/scar Looking Marks Be That Are Coming on my Upper Lip? (photo)

I'm a 35yr old non smoker and have started to notice a few lip lines but its the little marks that almost look like freckles that bother me also. Are... READ MORE

What could I do to remove the black lines on my nose? (photos)

I've had black marks on my face since the age of 8 and im not sure how i could get them removed. I have tried proactiv, and other medications... READ MORE

Have I ruined my skin? What would help my texture, enlarged pores and lines? (photos)

I am 40 and have only begun taking care of my skin within the last 2 years. I have been using retin-a and just finished a series of peels by skin... READ MORE

Light Shines on the Right Side of my Face I See a Line? (photo)

When the light shines my whole face you can barely see the mark, when the light shines on the left side of my face you can barely see it and when the... READ MORE

What are these lines on my face? 15 years old. (photo)

I have these lines on my face as seen in picture. They seem to be getting worse and worse everyday starting from about 6 months ago. They lower my... READ MORE

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