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I have weird dark spots/dots on my legs. How do I get rid of them? (photo)

I usually get dark spots/dots after I shave/wax my legs. Sometimes when I squeeze the dot, a tiny hair comes out of it. READ MORE

What are the dark spots on my legs? (Photo)

I have got pimples,blackheads and dark spots all over my legs,everytime i pinch the blackhead ,a hair comes out of it,there are underskin hair on my... READ MORE

Red "dotty" legs - Is there a name for this?

For years I have had red pores/hair follicles on my legs. These dots are flat and do not irritate me in any way- it's purely cosmetic. Is there a name... READ MORE

Can Anybody Tell Me What's Wrong with my Skin? (photo)

This year I found there are many red pinpoint spot in my arm, I found some in my neck and leg, I'm worried, it's flat, and just red pinpoint spot like... READ MORE

Is this cancer? Bump on back of leg that won't go away. (photo)

A year or two ago I got this bump on the back of my leg that felt like a bug bite but looked like a wart. I scratched it (I couldnt help myself. ) it... READ MORE

I Used Dr Scholls Freeze Away on my Leg and It Left a Scar? (photo)

Used Dr Scholls Freeze Away for what I thought was a wart on my leg. Second week in July. I have a perfectly round mark on my leg...... Same shape as... READ MORE

What is this skin condition/spot on my leg/ "kinda pimple"?

I have a kinda pimple(kinda big to be a pimple) on my leg . I tried to pop it but all that out is blood. and it wont stop so I have to put a lil... READ MORE

How to Get Rid of Open Comedones on Legs by Rapid Shaving? (photo)

I am having dark spots ( strawberry legs) techinally called as open comedones on my legs caused by rapid shaving of legs....how i can get rid of these... READ MORE

I have dark spots on my legs like hair follicles. What can I do to remove them? (photo)

These are hair follicles I guess that have darker than my skin stone and are all over my legs so even if I wax the hair follicles make it seem like I... READ MORE

How to Get Rid of the Black Dots on my Legs? (photo)

I have dark skin and I have those dark spots on my thighs at the hair follicles (strawberry legs or open comedones). I have tried waxing, but they are... READ MORE

What Are These Red/brown Dots on my Legs & Arms? (photo)

I have these red/brownish dots on my legs and in the last year or two it's become WAY more noticeable. I also have it on my arms, but not nearly as... READ MORE

What is This Blotchy Rash? (photo)

I was tubing down the river today and it was about 35•c out. I was wearing lots if SPF 50 sunscreen and I didn't miss anyspots. I was in the sun for a... READ MORE

How to Get Rid of Blue Marks (permanent Bruises) on Legs? (photo)

I have a few blue-ish marks on the back of my legs and also on my shins. They look exactly like bruises but don't hurt when i touch them. I've had... READ MORE

I have this rash and boils on each side of the crease of my leg and vagina what could it be? (photo)

Left side is a painful to touch rash and right side has to disfuctional color boils READ MORE

Can you tell me what this could be from or what this looks like? (photo)

I have white giraffe like patches the size of golf balls on my thigh starting around my knee and going down my leg, it seems like a rash under my skin... READ MORE

Papular Urticaria - How to Get Rid of Papules on Arms and Legs?

I Have Papular Urticaria. How Do I Get Rid of the Papules on my Arms and Legs? The Surrounding Area of the Papules Are Dark. READ MORE

How Get Rid of KP Spots?

I had keratosis pilaris for all my life..and now the bumps already gone but the brown spots still on my legs and thighs... Can i use dermaroller to... READ MORE

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