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Over a Year I Had Developed Skin Thickening Around my Nose Resulting in a Bulbous Tip? (photo)

I started noticing some changes on my skin texture about year ago and it has gotten worse since then. i developed rough and thick skin with enlarged... READ MORE

Largest Pores in the Entire Universe? (photo)

Please help I am in desperate need. I have extremely oily skin, which is why my pores get so large and I break out alot. Trust me I do take care of my... READ MORE

My Pores Are Really Large and my Skin Thick. Can I Really Fix This?

Is there anything I can do about this? I'm becoming so self conscious. I have to load on the makeup to "fill" in the pores. Then they... READ MORE

I Have a Disgusting Enlarged Pore on Upper Lip. What Can I Do? (photo)

It has been w/me for years, used to be much smaller, almost unnoticeable, I would squeeze it once a month maybe, white stringy stuff would come out... READ MORE

Can you tell me what can help my large pores around my nose and breakouts on my forehead? (photo)

I have extremely large open pores on and around my nose. I do get bad breakouts on my forehead.But I have large spots in my pores They aren't just... READ MORE

Which Laser Resurfacing is Best for Pore Size Reduction, Acne and Fine Line Reduction for Woman in Her Early 30s? (photo)

I would like advice on which laser resurfacing therapy would be suitable for me.I am a 31 year old Caucasian woman with oily skin prone to acne on the... READ MORE

Do I Have Rosacea or Something Else? (photo)

I've always dealt with acne, enlarged pores, ingrown hair, any anything else conceivable to skin care. I've been using a glycolic cleanser to help... READ MORE

What Would Be the Best Treatment? (photo)

I had bad acne throughout my teen years and my parents smoked all throughout my growing up. now top on working in the sunlight has made for some... READ MORE

How to get my nose smooth and clear like the rest of my face? (photo)

I get skin colored bumps in all my pores on my nose and inner cheeks that feel bumpy and that area is never smooth like the rest of my face. It is... READ MORE

I Was Wondering What I Can Do for the Holes in my Face? (photo)

I am 28 years old and there is just a few of them but they make me feel so bad. I was thinking about doing some kind of laser but not sure what kind... READ MORE

What is This on my Skin? Are They Enlarged Pores? (photo)

Under my eye in the pic, Could it be enlarged pores? Theyre a little bit bumpy. Thanks! READ MORE

Open Pores with Whiteheads and Blackheads, Which Treatment is Best for me? IPL, Chemical Peel, Fraxel?

I have a zillion large really large open pores on my cheeks and nose which are accompanied by white heads and blackheads. Should i opt for a chemical... READ MORE

Can Retinol Cause Enlarged Pores?

Can retinol cause enlarged pores? i've used it for about a month and orange peel skin look has really come out! I have a glycolic peel 35% in... READ MORE

I have over exfoliated my skin, now I have enlarged pores & ugly orange peel textured skin. Suggestions on how to heal quickly?

My Dermatologist can't see me until December! I'm washing with water only in the am, gentle hydrating cleanser at night. Cera ve am lotion during the... READ MORE

Options for Large Nose Pores and Small Pockmarks? (photo)

I have fairly large, visible nose pores. Even after following a strict regimen to keep them clean, they still seem to become clogged. I tried a... READ MORE

Laser for Extremely Numerous and Unnaturally Large Pores? (photo)

Hello, I am a very young patient (21) with a severe pore and oil problem that I've had for numerous years, a problem that has caused extreme... READ MORE

What Can Be Done to Tighten Pores Permanently?

I seem to have stubborn pores that are so responsive to the environment that I am in. When I get exposed to a hot and dusty and smoggy environment I... READ MORE

Cleanser I Can Use to Promote Healing but Prevent Sebum Plugs?

I've had 2 scar revision on both creases of nose due to very large pores created by sebum plugs in the crease during healing process. I'm... READ MORE

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