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Keloid Scars Appearing After Rash

I am in my mid-thirties now and have had keloid scars on my upper back since i was about twenty.The scarring starts off with a rash first... READ MORE

I Have DPN, if These Are Removed Will Keloids Exist Also Will Skin Area Become Lighter?

Does removel of dpn on african americans cause keloids and will that area appear lightened READ MORE

Will skin discoloration return to normal after cortisone injection on keloid and scrape marks after an accident? (photo)

So the first picture shows the scrape marks after a bike accident I had. The skin has returned but is white as opposed to my natural southeast asian... READ MORE

Is this a keloid scar or a new pimple? What treatment should I do or take? (photo)

I had a cystic pimple that erupted which was located at my chest months ago. It left a reddish bump with a yellowish pustule at the center. The bump... READ MORE

Can I have small Seb Ks on eyelid and below eyes removed safely?

I'm a 39 year old Asian female with fair skin. A couple of years ago a dermatologist said that the small bumps located under my eye area and on my... READ MORE

Can Multiple Keloids Still Growing Lead to Cancer?

I have multiple keloids with itching till now some more keloids newly formed and also growing may it leads to cancer READ MORE

Is there any chance of pimples turning into keloids? (photo)

I have keloid and small pimples hv come out near it .though m using ointment n washing those pimples daily with hot water it hasn't been cured , and... READ MORE

Is it Possible to Ask for Higher Dosages of Injections for Keloids?

I have keloids on my chest, back and face. I started treatment 2 months ago and have had two sessions of injections. My chest keloids have flatten but... READ MORE

Is this a keloid or something else on nose? (photo)

I have raised scar (5 year old - it was hypertrophic and not changing at all) on nose which started spreading after I reinjured it 2 months... READ MORE

My Aunt Have a Lot of Problems with Itching and Pain. She Swim Do You Think Can Be a Problem

Can swimming cause you to itch and have a lot of pain with keloids this is not about me it's about a female relative READ MORE

I've had this scar for years, and it swells at times. Could it be a keloid scar? (Photo)

Have had for several years, it would go down at times then swell up and become painful. It is located om the small of my back and my skin rubs against... READ MORE

Whats the Price of Keloid Removal?

Hello i live in Lakewood California, i have very small keloid scars on my back smaller then the size of a dime, i wanted to know what woul be the... READ MORE

Is this a keloid or granuloma? (Photo)

What should I do to make it go away? Is applying aspirine okay? READ MORE

Do small keloids on the nostril tend to scar worse w traditional removal? (Photos)

Do the cosmetic derms here see a lot of these? It's apparently either a keloid or a small cyst. Dr said if I get it removed there, it'll be thru... READ MORE

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