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How can I get rid of real bad eczema?

My son is 2 years old and is breaking out in this scab like eczema. He is constantly itching it and it gets big and starts to bleed. His doctor said... READ MORE

I have a bumpy type rash on my vagina (Photo)

The bumps/ rash itch occasionally but for the most part they haven't been a bother. I was itching at one point in time to the point where my clitoris... READ MORE

I have inflamed foreskin on one side with an a red ulcer like lump. Could you identify what it might be? (photo)

Its been there for a few months now.its not normally painful but can cause some discomfort from time to time. I also note that when the foreskin is... READ MORE

Itching / Burning Sensation Around Vagina and Anus?

Menopause for last 13 years. severe Itching outside vagina and anus; sometimes burning sensation and soreness around anus. It started as a mild itch 9... READ MORE

Returning itching skin rash all over body that comes and goes in phases. What could it be?

I have been tested by an allergist and nothing was found. The Dermatologist said it's hives and doesn't know where it comes from. Worst areas are my... READ MORE

Are these razor bumps or a allergic reaction? (photo)

I started shaving and then 2 weeks after the surface started to itch real bad. There is no odor. After scratching i started to feel little bumps. I... READ MORE

How to Remove Milia on the Inner Corner of my Upper Right Eyelid?

I've had it for a few years now. when I went to india two years ago, my eye started itching so I rubbed it and the Milia became swollen and grew to... READ MORE

Skin Rash After New Face Cream. Tried Topical Vita E, and Hydrocortisone, No Results?

I developed a rash 5 days ago after applying a new face cream. I have been applying topical vitamin E (from bodyshop) to moisturize my skin as it has... READ MORE

The Top of my Head is Severely Itchy After Almost 3 Months Since I Had Brain Surgery, How Do I Get the Itchiness to Stop?

I had surgery at the beginning of February to test Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) for depression. DBS has been used for a long time for Parkinson's... READ MORE

What is good for scrotum eczema? The intense burning and itching causes me discomfort 75% of the day. (photos)

First I had two cuts on my scrotum that were kinda deep they have almost healed up. But now my scrotum has a ruff and crusty rash over it on some... READ MORE

How to Heal Scabs on my Nipples?

I have eczema and i itched my nipples and now they have scabs on them but they can heal because when the scab forms it just ends up getting pulled off... READ MORE

I have been using lady bump stopper for some yrs now. It don't work. I have red and black bumps in the back of my head? (photo)

I have short hair I get cut every two weeks. It started when I first got my hair cut. Now I have these either ingrown hair bumps that's spreading. It... READ MORE

Is this seborrheic dermatitis? (Photo)

I feel like I've had this before but on my hair line and just the corner of my nose but it was never like this. It also went away but now it came back... READ MORE

How can I get remove the brown area around my penis ? (photos)

I have this brown mark/spot around my penis which makes me feel uncomfortable. This area cause itching. I was wondering how I can reduce the mark or... READ MORE

Could This Be Herpes or Scabies?

19, male, first time to have sex about 4 months ago, itchiness about a month later, bumps appeared, around buttocks lightly and some on penis but... READ MORE

Can a teenager have the Paget's disease in the Nipple?

Hello, I am 15 years old. Well I would like to know if teens could get the Paget's disease in the Nipples. A long time ago a dermatologist gave me a... READ MORE

I Am Suffering from Skin Fungus Problem?

Between both thie and below waist facing fungus problem, itching then pain is major problem and spreading slowly towards down. please advise me for... READ MORE

Itchy rash seems to be getting worse and spreading to other leg, despite using hydrocortisone? (photo)

I have a rash on my leg that doesnt stop itching i went to the dermatologist and they prescribed hydrocortisone i feel like its spreading to my other... READ MORE

Do I Really Have Seabather's Eruption After Taking Steroids, Zrtec 2x a Day, 5 Months Later? (photo)

Felt a stinging sensation while snorkeling in the Philippians. By the time I got to shore I had a rash on my legs and arms. Two days later is was all... READ MORE

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