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Should I See a Hormone Specialist About my Extremely Oily Skin?

I must produce more Androgen hormones than any other 36-year-old woman on the planet, because I have extremely oily skin! It seems it has worsened as... READ MORE

What Could These White Spots on my Face Be?

Over the past year, I have developed loss of pigmentation or white spots on my face. I have been to countless dermatologist who all give me different... READ MORE

Red Irritated Rash With Blemishes on Chin?

I have been experiencing a red irritated rash with blemishes on my chin for a long period of time. Just recently it has really become inflamed. I am... READ MORE

Is It Ok to Try to Reduce Estrogen Levels?

My dermatologist said we shouldn't tamper with hormones but is there a way to naturally rid the body of excess hormones? I often read about... READ MORE

I have had a dark line stretching from my umbilicus to the pubic region. What's causing these dark lines?

22 yrs old female here. I have had a dark line streching from my umbilicus to the pubic region since i was like 10 or 12. i am not pregnant. i have... READ MORE

Are hormonal imbalances causing my Indian skin to darken?

Hello, I am a male with a medium brown skin complexion of Asian(Indian) ethnicity.I have been suffering strange episodes of inconsistent skin... READ MORE

Purple/red bump left after peeling dry skin off of pimples. Are there any treatments for this or how will it go away? (photo)

In early september i had the worst outbreak yet due to hormones. This caused me to pick at the spots thinking they would go away. Some had dry skin... READ MORE

What could cause the symptoms if they are related: unknown skin condition(Lesions), cystic acne, very low hormone levels?(photo)

I had blood work done recently (1mnth ago) to test my 'day three' hormone levels and I was told they were all abnormally low for a early twenties... READ MORE

How can I prevent melasma and pimples in pregnancy which occur due to hormonal changes?

I have freckles on my skin which is genetic from my family.as due to hormonal changes it occurs mainly at places where it is pigmented.plz it would b... READ MORE

Severe acne? Rosesea? PD? What could this possibly be?!?! (photo)

Since January I've been dealing with what I thought at first was just reall bad hormonal acne, maybe even rosesea. Around February is when I started... READ MORE

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