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I found one blister near my clit, it is small and white. Is this herpes? (Photo)

I found one blister near my clit, it is small and white. It is quite painful and it is starting to look like a ulcer, it also has ragged edges. It... READ MORE

Does this look like genital herpes? (photo)

This is embarrasing to ask but I am trying to see if this looks like herpes. It came up like about 6 days ago. It is itchy. I have not had unprotected... READ MORE

Dose this look like herpes or any other STD? (photo)

So I shave frequently and the other day I had one little pimple show up around that area it came to a head and I popped it. It bleed a little well the... READ MORE

Is this herpes or something else? (photos)

Last week I noticed these two small bumps that looked like acne or a spider bite but on my right buttcheek. Then I noticed these red dots all over my... READ MORE

Are these bumps ingrown hair from shaving or another type of infection. How should I treat it? (photo)

Okay so usually when I shave I get small red bumps all around. Which is normal from ingrown hairs (so I've heard.) I'm really worried though because... READ MORE

What is the cause and solution of "sandpaper lips" ?

Yesterday I there was an uncomfortable sandpaper like texture to my upper lip, but it didn't itch or hurt. This morning, if I looked really closely, I... READ MORE

Are these bumps on the sides of my upper lip normal or should I be worried? (photo)

These little bumps are on both sides of my upper lip (closer to the corner, not in the entire lip) and I don't know what this is. I'm thinking cancer... READ MORE

What do these look like? (Photos)

Recurring in same spots- mostly the inner thighs but some in buttocks. I've been tested for all things (negative) except herpes because I know you... READ MORE

Oral Herpes Survival Rate, Transmission, Etc?

1.) How long can the herpes virus live on surfaces? 2.) Can someone transmit oral herpes without an outbreak? What is the likelihood of transmission?... READ MORE

Could I have oral herpes? (Photo)

Over the past couple of days, I have been sweating a lot because I've been moving offices and building furniture. I also switched lip balm brands and... READ MORE

I am 16 years old. I just dermsuffered from herpes zoster. 1 month before. The crust fell eventually. Am left with holes?

The dermatologist advised me this cream called RET-HC. to fill the holes. it has shown significant progress. its been less than a month. but i am... READ MORE

Can ED Medication Bring on Herpes Outbreak?

I have genital herpes and erectile dysfunction. I take no medication for herpes. I use "choraphor" for outbreaks which work well for me. I had my... READ MORE

What is this red bump inside my lower lip? Should I be worried? (Photo)

This morning I woke to a slight pain in my lower lip. The same kind of pain you have when a pimple is about to form and you press on it. But I looked... READ MORE

I've had this rash for awhile on both sides of hips and buttocks, both are identical -- what is this? (Photos)

Course i am thinking some type of herpes virus?? Its been awhile since been sexually active.. when gets warm its worse!! Just figured and hopefully... READ MORE

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