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What Treatment is there for Flat Warts on the Face?

My primary care physician diagnosed what I thought was acne as flat warts, in addition to some light/moderate acne I do have. The warts are very... READ MORE

My daughter has about 25 bumps on her neck, under arms, and back. Any idea what these are? (photos)

My daughter has about 25 of these bumps on neck, under arms and back - some above hair line on neck. The bumps are fairly hard and don't have watery... READ MORE

I have 2 seboorrheic keratose on my scalp, one 13mm diam and the other about 13x20mm, what treatments are available for them?

They are about 3cm apart and one has been increasing in size. A surgeon has said he will make one incision to cut them out and do a skin graft to the... READ MORE

I have brown spots only on my upper lip. Could it be from laser hair removal? What's the best fix? (photos)

I wear SPF 30 every day, and SPF 70 now on my lip. The only other location with spots is at my hairline, and I always wear a baseball cap now, so... READ MORE

How much is the average cost of sebaceous cyst removal?

I have a sebaceous cyst about 1cm located at the hairline on the back of my neck. It is nearly directly over my spine. It is a constant annoyance, and... READ MORE

I Had Steriod Injection on the Front of my Hairline Due to Bald Patch. Now I Have a Dent & Lighter Skin. Will This Ever Go Away?

I got my 2nd steriod injection in may 2013 & i can see a dent its so obvious & lightening of the skin in that area. Its really upsetting &... READ MORE

Is what I have excema, am I allergic to something (I rotate shampoos so I doubt it), or is it some other skin condition? (photo)

I get serious discoloring along my hairline whenever I wear fake hair or do not wash my hair for longer than a week.My head will itch really badly and... READ MORE

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