Hair Loss + Dermatology

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Can Differin Cause Hair Loss or Thinning?

I used differin gel 3% for 3 yrs when i started feelin that may thick hair felt thinner then I started to have some strange sensations in scalp--very... READ MORE

Half of my eyebrow just fell out because of Seborrheic dermatitis. Can a Dermatologist make my hair grow back?

I was washing my face and I noticed a piece of skin in my eyebrow , I tried taking it out and it fell out with hair ! Almost all of my eyebrow fell... READ MORE

Is it bad to tint your lashes and brows? Will I lose lashes? or eyebrow hair?

Is it bad to tint your lashes and brows? Will I lose lashes? or eyebrow hair? READ MORE

Will Moustache Hair Grow After Injury? (photo)

Sir , recently i met with an accident two weeks before and got some injuries on upper lip..four stiches on upper lip, which caused in some moustache... READ MORE

Can Multivitamins, Minocycline or Ephedrine Cause Hair Loss or Thinning?

I have been taking minocycline off and on for acne for the last ten yrs -- in the last 3-4 i have also taken ephedrine to control weight. In the last... READ MORE

After 10 Years, I Am Still Having Severe Scalp Problems, What Can I Do?

My hair just on right side has fallen out. I have many sensations in scalp, from sharp tacks to velcro strips, hard strips like wood that have been... READ MORE

Could somebody please help diagnose my itchy, red, inflamed scalp with pustules please? My hair is thinning (Photo)

It has been~ 10 weeks that I have had a very itchy scalp which has red patches,inflammation and has pustules. Since my symptoms began, I noticed that... READ MORE

Sudden hair loss and thinning, what could it be?

Im 29 year old unmarried female lately i use to get boils (pimples) on whole body and after consulting a skindoctor i came to know it is due to... READ MORE

My scalp and face are oily and flaky. I have too much hair fall from my body. What is causing this?

I have used ketoconazole solution and monoxidil for about a year along with some tablets as prescribed by my doctor. but it didn't slow down.the hair... READ MORE

I am a 20 year old female. Why am I suddenly experiencing hair loss?

I am a 20 year old female. 1 Month ago I noticed that my hair was shedding more than usual. The shedding seems to be occurring all over the scalp not... READ MORE

Could my hair loss, oily scalp, and the acne-like condition on my scalp all be related?

I am a 40yo Caucasian male who has had acne for 25 years. The condition has been mild for the past several years; I also have minor issues with... READ MORE

Have to choose between losing my hair or having dark spots in face? Trying to find my way with SOPK

I'm a 33 years old female with SOPK. I controlled my SPOK symptoms (hair loss, acne) with contraceptive pills for a long time. But they gave me brown... READ MORE

What is this on my scalp? I have heavy hair loss and balding too I think. Please help. (Photos)

So noticed this flaky scalp recently. Not sure if it is dry scalp or something else. Please advise. Is there any topical or cream or gel based... READ MORE

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