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Small Bumps Under Eyes w/ Hair Follicles?

I have off texture skin running down from the bridge of my nose down along the eye socket bone. I noticed while shining a light in a certain direction... READ MORE

Sticky Hair and Skin Two Weeks off Accutane, is this Normal?

I have been clear for a month after severe cystic acne. Today i noticed that my hair, and consequently skin around hair, was sticky (at 1 pm, so I had... READ MORE

Spot on top of my head in my hair. I don't know what this is. And I don't know if I should go see a doctor about this? (photo)

I was doing my hair today and when I went to part my hair I found this spot. It looks brown in the pictures but in bright light it almost has a... READ MORE

Ugliest Breasts in the World Please Help Me?

Ive had this ugly skin on my breasts since my teens with dark spots where the hair follicles are & can squeeze out a stiff white substance w/ a... READ MORE

My scalp stays red on top of my head. Any suggestions? (photos)

My scalp stays red on top of my head. It's localized to this area. My hair seems to be thinning here. It's not painful or itchy just unsightly to me.... READ MORE

I am 16 year old, should iI take nail, skin and hair vitamins on a daily basis?

My hair are becoming white when i was 14 year old . and was silky smoth back then. READ MORE

I've had these flesh colored bumps for over a month. They don't hurt or itch. What are they & how do I get rid of them? (photo)

I saw a doctor and she told me they're not genital warts, that they were just raised hair foliicals and would go away on their own. I'm concerned... READ MORE

Are there any treatments to treat vellus hair cysts?

Dermatologists thinks that's what it's called, several years ago said there's no treatment. Basically look like little bumps/clogged pores/hair on my... READ MORE

How can I get straight hair after shaving? Are there any natural remedies? (photo)

People say tht i shuld shave thrice but is it necessaryWat are the daily natural ways?Recently,i shaved my hair.I want 2 get straight hair thoush my... READ MORE

Can I Rebond my Hair if I Have my Vitiligo?

I have my vitiligo and I want to rebond my hair. Is it okay for me.? READ MORE

What kind of condition is that? (photos)

For many years I have this condition I go to many detmatologist but nobody can solve this.. I see photos of keratosis pillaris and I think it's the... READ MORE

Treatment for a chemical burn from hair dye?

So I have a chemical burn on my scalp and the fluid from it has gone into my glands leaving lumps everywhere. I've used the exact dye before and... READ MORE

Any suggestions for dark spots and facial hair problems?

I have many dark spots on my skin and neck,one side of my face is completly clear but one side is full of dark spots and also neck is full with dark... READ MORE

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