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Nail Fungus or Melanoma, How Can You Tell the Difference?

I saw my big toe nail today during a pedicure and noticed that part of it is blackish greenish in color. I have a history of melanoma insitu and... READ MORE

Toe Nail Fungus or Melanoma?

I have toe nail fungus and I just noticed a dark asymmetrical spot coming in as my nail is growing could it be a melanoma? READ MORE

When Does the Original Vinegar Soak Need to Be Changed?

I'm using the vinegar soak method on my toenail fungus. how many times can I soak in the same vingegar before I need to change it. READ MORE

What Fungal Infection Can Cause an After Effect of Severe Dandruff?

3 yrs ago my daughter came home with a small circular red ring on her arm which quickly spread to different parts of her body. I was told by two... READ MORE

I've Had a Discolored Big Toenail for About a Year. Could It Be a Fungi Infection? (photo)

It has never caused me any pain until recently when it began to sting very slightly. The nail does not grow very much and has develop ridges. The... READ MORE

Red rash and black dots on my head of penis any ideas whats going on with it?

Red looks like rash on penis head.when i roll back foreskin its moist and looks like a fungus but cant wipe it off and when i leave it out in the open... READ MORE

Red blotchy skin with lots little spots. Can it be connected to bad revision rhino infection? (Photo)

I had very clear skin on my face since revision rhino 8 months ago I have had bad skin. I was on 3 different antibiotics for awful graft infection for... READ MORE

Seborrheic Dermatitis in Scalp After Unknow Scalp Fungus?

After 3 years of fighting off an unknown fungus me and my two daughters were told that we have Seborrheic Dermatitis.. We no longer test positive for... READ MORE

I am going to go to a dermatologist this week but am worried about toenail melanoma. Any suggestions? (photos)

I have had fungus in my big toe for over 10 years - about a month ago i noticed most of the nail turned black in color, with some green and blue. Now... READ MORE

Fungal Toenail Removed! Too Much Pain and when Shall I Exercise Again?

2 drs checked my toenail : both diagnosed it as fungal 1st told me to do lazer almost 400$/ session while the 2nd dr pushed me to remove my toenail... READ MORE

I Am Suffering from Skin Fungus Problem?

Between both thie and below waist facing fungus problem, itching then pain is major problem and spreading slowly towards down. please advise me for... READ MORE

What is this small red rash I have had on my left breast above the Areola for approximately 2 and a half years? (Photos)

Dermatology Question - Small red rash slightly raised and different texture from surrounding skin. Upon applying pressure the redness fades but... READ MORE

I Am Suffering from Fungus and Discoloration?

I am 59 years old, I am having fungus till 2004 after medication now i have dark patches on my skin earlier i have fair complexion, how to get rid of... READ MORE

I Have These Fungus on my Back Since 1month Ago,?

I have these fungus on my back since 1month ago,my GP gave me perscribtion of ketoconazole and fluconazole are they perfect for treatement. READ MORE

I have small white spots on my back. Is it fungal or pigmentation related disease?

I noticed the spots after my back got tanned after swimming. READ MORE

betnovate for scalp application for eyebrows

I have a seb derm cause my eyebrows to fall that what the doctor said ..another doctor say it is fungus. i use betnovate drops on my eyebrows to stop... READ MORE

Since July 2016 I started itching is now March 2017, what is this? (Photos)

This is not an std I have been to the doctor...but This itch will not go away and it only itches on the plaque itself is raised and pink/red and... READ MORE

Is this a skin infection?

My son develop this blister like sore in his head, that has been leaking clear yellowish sticky fluid. I took him to the doctor and the doctor said it... READ MORE

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