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Removing or Lightening Freckles

I am undergoing cancer treatment and I believe the chemo I take is making my freckles become more prominent. My skin has really been sensitive and I... READ MORE

Treatment and Cost to Remove Freckles on Face?

Tell Me Where I Can Get Treatment for my Freckles and What Cost Will It Take? all freckles are just on my face. they are increasing day by day some... READ MORE

Redness, Pigmentation and Freckles: What Can I Do?

I have very red cheeks that get even more red and sometimes sting and burn when I exercise or am in sunlight or hot weather, I also have freckles on... READ MORE

Fraxel, Erbium, or C02 Laser for Dark Freckles and Small Dark Moles? (photo)

I have dark brown freckles on my neck and a few on my face. They are not raised so I wouldn't consider them moles, but they have the pigmentation of... READ MORE

I have freckles on my face! What do you think would be the best treatment for me ? (photos)

I have been seen lately lots if freckles on my face and I have dark circles around my eyes . I am 32 years old what do you suggest? What I should do?... READ MORE

I have red spots and faded freckles everywhere. What is wrong with my skin? (photos)

It's been like this since 8th grade, I'm a junior in high school now. It's red in spots and it looks like a bunch of really faded freckles everywhere.... READ MORE

What are my options for permanent freckle removal?

Hi, I have porcelain colored skin, for the majority of my body I have no freckles. Unfortunately, during the warmer months, my freckles on my face are... READ MORE

Can you recommend treatment for lower leg skin problems?

I have lots of small white warty type bumps on my legs and a few slightly larger which are rough, also some sun damage. How can I get rid of them. I... READ MORE

How to remove freckles at home?

Every since I was young I have had brown, small-medium sized freckles due to sun exposure. I'm 14, and I don't think my mother would be willing to pay... READ MORE

Freckle or Lentigo? (photo)

I have pigmentation on the left side of my face since 1 year old. I have only a few on the right side of the face. the pigmentation does not seem to... READ MORE

Uses of Novo White Cream and UV Care Lite Cream?

Post Q switch Laser treatment for freckles on face my doctor suggested novo white cream and UV care lite cream is these creams are useful READ MORE

Can I go to a dermatologist to get two freckles on my lips removed? (photo)

I know that they may not seem like much, but kids are cruel, and have teased me about them for years. I believe I was born with them, but I've had... READ MORE

What is the best treatment to get rid of / lighten freckles?

I have a lot of dark freckles on my body and i want them removed. I also have small light freckles on my face. What kind of treatment is used to... READ MORE

What skin care procedure can I do for small light brown spots & tiny freckles? About how many recommended sessions? (photo)

I'm 30 years old. I have pretty good skin but most likely due to age and living in South Florida, I've noticed some recent but minor changes. I don't... READ MORE

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