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Small Bumps Under Eyes w/ Hair Follicles?

I have off texture skin running down from the bridge of my nose down along the eye socket bone. I noticed while shining a light in a certain direction... READ MORE

Is this keratosis pilaris? (Photo)

I don't know if this is keratosis Polaris or just dark hair follicles. I have keratosis Polaris in my chest. On my legs it does not feel bumpy/ look... READ MORE

Ugliest Breasts in the World Please Help Me?

Ive had this ugly skin on my breasts since my teens with dark spots where the hair follicles are & can squeeze out a stiff white substance w/ a... READ MORE

I have white raised bumps at the base of the follicles near the crease of my groin area. Is this a concern? (photos)

I have some white raised bumps at the base of the follicles near the crease of my groin area. Not itchy no redness not painful. Just raised bumps. Is... READ MORE

I've had these flesh colored bumps for over a month. They don't hurt or itch. What are they & how do I get rid of them? (photo)

I saw a doctor and she told me they're not genital warts, that they were just raised hair foliicals and would go away on their own. I'm concerned... READ MORE

What is wrong with the skin on my legs? (photos)

The skin on my chest and outer legs is very pale with obvious veins and red dotted follicles/pores. The dots are not bumpy or itchy. In fact my legs... READ MORE

Are these smile lines/crepey skin due to loss of collagen or hair follicles/pores? (photos)

I am 25 and started noticing this after a 25 pound weight loss two years ago. I can't tell if they are lines or large pores that stretch when I smile.... READ MORE

Chronic Lone Pimple or Hair Folicle Gland IPL Treatment?

I have a small sweatgland or hair folicle pimple that will not go away, it has been there for years, I had a Dr drain it, and it keeps filling up with... READ MORE

I have a lichenified follicles papule on my right cheeks. Any suggestions? (photos)

I had a lichenified follicles papule on my right 2 years ago it was removed by surgery and I got back again at slightly above to the earlier one. READ MORE

Male, East Indian decent, 30. What is causing 10 hairs to cluster into 1 follicle of my facial hair & how do I treat it? (photo)

The hairs easily slide out, they're more on my chin and I stopped shaving which has helped some. They look like giant black heads but when tugged on... READ MORE

What is on my arms? Red, swollen, like zits that only show up in the summer months weather in the sun or not. May-October(photo)

Hello, I have fought acne since age 12. As soon as it finally started going away at age 18 from my shoulders, back, and face I started getting these... READ MORE

Does steroid injections for AA can cause acne, folliculitis, infections by fungi and other infections on the face?

If the person went through more than three sessions of injections into the scalp, for example? READ MORE

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