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I suddenly started having really dry, flaky skin around my mouth, spreading up to my nose. What can I do? (Photo)

It started with the corners of my mouth and also around my eyes, my skin has been really, really dry and has become really flaky. Moisturising only... READ MORE

What could my skin condition be, and what are my treatment options? (Photo)

For 4 months, I have been struggling with skin issues. Recently my skin has gotten exponentially worse. It started a few months ago when I would go to... READ MORE

What Kind of Rash Do You Think This Is? (photo)

Hello I would like to know what kind of rash do I have. I have had it for almost a year now. The rash is on by right bust. Its reddish and is dry and... READ MORE

My skin is tight, itchy, blotchy and flaky but also oily & acne prone?

In the AM i wash with skinceuticals LHA cleansing gel then tone with skinceuticals LHA solution.Then i apply my Acanya gel & CeraVe SPF 30... READ MORE

I have this small hole on my face that looks like an open sore. Any suggestions? (photos)

I feel it is from acne, but I have never picked at it or anything and I do not know how this hole came about. Its super embarrassing and I need help... READ MORE

Does this look like seb derm? My face went this red from using moisturizer. (Photo)

Always red around this area, i have dandruff and flakes in eye brows but not at all bad, i believe i may be celiac and would this cause these problems... READ MORE

Dark Discoloration and Dryness/flakiness from Perioral Dermatitis. Will Peels Work? (photo)

How do you get rid of discoloration from perioral dermatitis? It appears to be hyperpigmentation, but it does get red (Ex: I applied lactic acid and... READ MORE

My nose has a red scab like spot and small white bumps, what are these? (photo)

On my nose is a big red scan type of thing and its really noticabke especially since its been getting worse, it wasnt bas when it started but then i... READ MORE

What is good for scrotum eczema? The intense burning and itching causes me discomfort 75% of the day. (photos)

First I had two cuts on my scrotum that were kinda deep they have almost healed up. But now my scrotum has a ruff and crusty rash over it on some... READ MORE

Help identify red/dry spots on my body please? (photos)

Recently I've started getting red dry spots on my skin, started on my face then moved to my stomach and legs. they go red and flakey then just red and... READ MORE

​ ​I got a mild sunburn, huge pores, flaky, blotchy, burning feeling on my facial skin. What treatment would I need to do?

I really messed up my skin. I ran out of my normal face wash and in a pinch used my wifes 10% benzoyl peroxide wash. On top of that I used her... READ MORE

What is the dry red spot on top of my nose?

The dry, red spot has been on my nose about 2 months. Doctor suggested using Aquaphor for it. It did clear up the dryness and mild flaking - but the... READ MORE

Red, flakey and dry skin on my face, in my smile crease. How can I treat it? (Photo)

I've devolved some sort of skin rash years ago, it comes and goes but has been here to stay as of late. It gets red and dry and then flakes. It... READ MORE

What is the red spot on my upper cheek under my eye? Can it be treated/cured? How? (photos)

The skin under my eye has been red for two years now. The skin is flakey. I already ruled out ringworm by applying the ringworm cream for a couple... READ MORE

Brown Spotty, Flaky Skin After Facial Rejuvenation Surgery? (photo)

HI,,I had multiple facial surgeries 3 weeks ago. My skin is now flaking off, brown..peeling. In my pictures it looks like I have freckling, but I... READ MORE

Forehead Redness: 20yr Black Female with Light Brown Skin?

I noticed that the middle of my forehead is red. I did some stuff that I think might have contributed to the redness but I'm not sure. I usually wear... READ MORE

What is this brown spot on the skin of my arm? (photos)

I have this brownish spot near my elbow and I'm not sure what it is. It doesn't hurt, doesn't itch and I didn't even notice it until about 5 days ago... READ MORE

What is this scaly and sore skin condition on my face? (photos)

I have suffered for about 2 months with what I thought was incredibly bad eczema all over my face. It was flaking and scaly but after thoroughly using... READ MORE

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