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I have dark patches on my knuckles and fingers. It has started peeling. What is on my hands and what should I do? (photos)

It's on both my hands and it's been there for about a week. Today the dark patches started to bubble as if it were a blister. I rubbed it and the skin... READ MORE

Should I be concerned of melanoma of the finger/toenail bed?

I had a black/blue colored spot on the big toe of my right foot a few months ago. Didn't think much of it and figured I must have stumped my toe. It... READ MORE

Can my deformed fingernail be repaired? (photo)

I would suck my index finger when I was young. This went on for several years. Now, the nailbed is thick and the nail grows in an asymmetrical shape.... READ MORE

Can DFSP Present Itself As a Smooth Lump Filled with Pearly Nodules?

I have a lump like this on the lower part of the ring finger.I had something similar removed 18yrs ago with a wide exsion and removal web space... READ MORE

I had what appeared to be a zit on my finger. After unsuccessfully popping it, it started to look worse and started swelling up.

It started to become extremely painful a day or two later. I went to the dermatologist and he gave me antibiotics and Vicodin. I'm 5 doses in and it... READ MORE

What treatment would you recommend for this wart on my finger? (photos)

Treatmentill this wart want go away!!… using Imiquimod and Tazorac… and Nothing is working… Ive had a biopsy but all clear… READ MORE

What could this be on my finger? It's itchy, feels raw, and it's spreading (Photo)

Itches only a small amount. Is raw feeling and start I got to spread. We have used steroid creams, poison ivy creams, and antibodies creams. READ MORE

Small red dots/bumps on toes and now fingers? (photo)

Hello, I am a 37 yo male with no apparent medical issues. Several years ago, I lived in a communal environment in which I shared a shower area with... READ MORE

Bump on my thumb, what is it?

I have a mysterious bump on the thumb that I suck. Does it look bad? What caused it? What can I do to make it go away? READ MORE

What is the cause of itchy bumps and peeling skin on my fingers, arms & scalp? (photo)

I have itchy bumps on my fingers and peeling skin also feel bumps on my scalp above my ear..what is it? how can i get rid of it i have tried cortizone... READ MORE

Effective Way to Easily Remove Callus Formation?

On finger due to using mouse, and another smaller new one on bottom of hand. bump is just Friction-Induced can you just moisturize? because that done... READ MORE

Are those little black hole, warts? What treatment would you recommend? (photo)

I have the same little holes on 3-4 fingers and I have been using compound W to cure but they are coming back. Should I continue with compound W or... READ MORE

Is this wound after cutting skin tag concerning? (photo)

I cut out a skin tag between my fingers 2 & 3 palm side, base of the digits, about 1.5 months ago. The wound keeps looking healed but hard and tough,... READ MORE

What should I do about this on my thumb? (photos)

I had a wart on my finger as we'll ask a couple on my elbow. I had them frozen off with liquid nitrogen. This is what it looks like now on my thumb.... READ MORE

Why do I have those lumps on my fingers? And what are they? (photo)

I got a lump 2 years ago and I thought it was because of me writing too much so I stopped putting much pressure on that finger, but then, this year it... READ MORE

I got a white bubble on my finger after playing the drums. It won't heal. What is it? (Photo)

It hurts whenever I touch it and move my fingers.. I have attached a picture. READ MORE

What are these black patch on my finger? (photos)

I had this black patch on my fingers for weeks and it won't go off. No blisters or pain at all. Do anyone know whats happening to my finger? READ MORE

Plastic surgery for finger and heel hyperkeratosis? (Photo)

I have been living with the ugliness of this issue for about 10 years now. One dermatologist diagnosed me with having epidermal hyperplasia of the... READ MORE

Wart on finger was pulled off after using Compound W, what is the white plate like thing that was once under the wart? (photos)

Been applying Compund W to a wart that has been on my finger for over 4 months, the wart then got loose after 1 day of compound w and I pulled it off.... READ MORE

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