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Best Treatment for Sebaceous Hyperplasia?

Hello - Which is a good method to eradicate them -- radio surgery (which looks like a loop) or radio frequency (which uses a needle)? Is it true that... READ MORE

What Treatment is there for Flat Warts on the Face?

My primary care physician diagnosed what I thought was acne as flat warts, in addition to some light/moderate acne I do have. The warts are very... READ MORE

I Have Small Holes On My Face, What Are My Treatment Options? What Is The Cost? (photo)

I Have Small Holes On My Face, What Are My Treatment Options? What Is The Cost? READ MORE

Are these acne scars on my face or just open pores or my skin healing? (photo)

I had seborrhea dermatitis on my face for about 2 or 3 months i had very heavy crusting then i got it treated and it all came off within a matter of... READ MORE

Face is Darker Than Skin

My face is getting darker but my hand and legs are very very white. any suggestions? help needed !! READ MORE

I have sebaceous hyperplasia on my face. Is a treatment with acid a good option?

My dermatologist is going to treat them with an acid at a cost of $500.00. Do you think this is a good option? Thank You. Deborah READ MORE

I Am an Asian. I Used Lemon Juice on Skin for Two Days and I Ended Up Having Darker Circular Pigmentation?

2 or 3 spots on face. Darker than my normal skin tone.What can be done about it as I didnt have it prior to using lemon. READ MORE

Brown Spots and Broken Capillaries - How to Get Rid of Them?

I am a 53 year old Asian female. I was using .05% Atralin, a pea-size amount once a week for 3 ½ months to remove some light brown spots on my... READ MORE

Treatment for Cottage Cheese Skin on my Face?

I thought I'd found the answer but it doesn't really sound like what I have. I have a few milia, but the other thing that I was looking for is the... READ MORE

Are multiple syringomas and simultaneous sebaceous hyperplasias a sign of an underlying medical condition?

I recently started to get multiple syringomas and sebaceous hyperplasias (over the course of a year). The syringomas are all over my face and on my... READ MORE

Why does my skin randomly turn extremely red and blotchy? Thank you.

I can be literally anywhere doing anything and my face (nowhere else) will go bright red and there will be darker red blotches all over down to my... READ MORE

Hi, I Have No Idea What Are Small Bumps on my Face.

I have it almost 5years. i used to see a doctor and had a laser surgery but it didn't help at all. My doctor didn't tell me what is it. it is... READ MORE

Why Do I Get Huge Abscess in my Face? Options To Treat? (photo)

I have two so far and i dont know what to do so they can stop forming. It is very painful specially the one on top of my eyelid. The other one is near... READ MORE

Do I Need to Seek a Dermatologist's Help for Outbreak of Zits/rash?

I'm a healthy, active 30 yr. old woman. Recently parts of my face have broken out in a dry/flakey/with little zits rash. This has occurred above one... READ MORE

Broken Capillaries & Red on Brown Neck and Face Spots?

I have a few small, (1/2 inch) very stubborn broken capitularies in my face that have been treated by many different kinds of lasers, from Doctors... READ MORE

How can I treat this burn from apple cider vinegar on my face? (photo)

I read that acv is very effective for removing moles and dark spots. I decided to apply it with a qtip, undiluted, for an hour on my age spots. I... READ MORE

What is this hole on my face? (Photo)

I'm 19 and have had this "hole" on my face for as long as I can remember. I kind of just accepted it I guess. Except lately it seems to be worsening... READ MORE

What Could These White Spots on my Face Be?

Over the past year, I have developed loss of pigmentation or white spots on my face. I have been to countless dermatologist who all give me different... READ MORE

How do I remove acne scars from my face?

Aoa sir my age is 24,i had acne problem than i talk to a skin specialist.he give me some drugs 1.Arynoin(Isotretinoin)Capsules 2... READ MORE

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