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The Outside Corners of my Mouth Are Dark and the Outer Corners of my Eyes Are Dark

I used Triluma cream to fade the spots,I stopped using the cream 3.5wks into Tx d/t irritation, the darkness returned worse than before I used the... READ MORE

Syringomas Treatment in St. Louis, MO?

I live in St. Louis, MO and have had a Profractional laser used to treat syringomas around my eyes in the past with minimal results. I’ve also had a h... READ MORE

There is a bump on the corner of my eye. What is it and how do I get rid of it ? (photos)

What is this bump, and can I get rid of it at home ? Is there some cream or product that will get rid of it ? Thanks ! Had this for a couple of years,... READ MORE

What is the best treatment options for flat flush yellow cholesterol deposits in corner of eye?

I have very yellow but small cholesterol deposits under my eyes in the corner near the bridge of the nose. I have read here that excision is best,... READ MORE

What Can I Put on Around the Eye Area to Help Aging Skin?

I use Retin A around my eyes at night and in the mornings put on an antioxidant serum followed by a sunblock. Is there any other cream that would help... READ MORE

Can you tell me what this red spot in the corner of my daughter's eye is please? (photos)

She is 10 and this appeared a couple days ago but it got much redder and larger after she was done crying today. She already has a broken blood vessel... READ MORE

Why do I get visibly noticeable wrinkles around my eyes and along my cheeks when I smile? I also have multiple fine lines.

23 years old last month Feb, 2014, and I have noticed a change in the skin around and under my eyes-looser with multiple fine lines and is also very... READ MORE

I have white spots near on inner corner of my eye on the both sides. What can I do? (Photo)

It doesn't hurt or burn it's just white spots. What is this? And how should I treat it? READ MORE

Whats wrong with my skin?

Recently I discovered some bumps on both of eyes, now above my lash line as a swollen/wrinkly look to it.. My eyes are now itchy and tingly. NOW, the... READ MORE

What Are Those Non Itchy White Boils Around my Eyes? (photo)

Dear Doctor , i have got few white boils around my eyes since 2 yrs, which are increasing in numbers. They do not itch. i request your valuable... READ MORE

Can pimple cause swelling under the eye?

So i just woke up the last morning and i noticed that i had a little pimple at the right bottom of my right eye it was little swelled so i though it... READ MORE

Persistent Redness Immediately Around and at Corner of Both Eyes? (photo)

I've had this redness around my eyes for years, and it is a red,purple color that does NOT seem to be dark circles due to genetics or bad sleeping. I... READ MORE

I have a bubble on the corner of my eye. Any suggestions? (photos)

It has grown double the size in the past year and is really starting to get irratated. Any info will help!! READ MORE

Is this bulge in the corner of my eye just aging? Is there anything, natural, that I can do about it? (Photo)

Hi, I've just turned 35 and a few days ago noticed this bulge in the top corner of my left eye (pic 2). It almost disappears if I adopt a real intense... READ MORE

What are these red bumps/spots around my eyes and brim of my nose? How do I clear them up? (photos)

Red bumps/spots/marks have been appearing around my eyes and brim of my nose for the past 3 months now. My doctor said it may be some type of allergic... READ MORE

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