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I have a a white hard tiny bump on top of both my eyelids. What could it be? (photo)

The tiny hard ball-like substances appeared on my eyelids around a year ago and doesn't seem to go away. READ MORE

What is this white bump on my eyelid? (photo)

Have had small bump for months. Today it started to grow and become red around the edges. READ MORE

Can't Figure out Cause of Milia

I have only recently begun to get several tiny milia under eyes and on eyelids. Can't see why? Using hypoallergenic cream on eye area, not new.... READ MORE

White spot on eyelid! What could it be!? (photo)

I have had this white spot on my eyelid for 10+ years now. it is flat and white. it does not itch or hurt nor does it bother me. i went to the doctors... READ MORE

I'm not for sure what kind of bumps I have on my eyelid. Are they milia? (Photo)

They don't itch but I start getting them in high. I use to wear a lot of make up until I started to see the little bumps on my eyelids. READ MORE

What do I have on the side on my lids and under eye area?

I have been very confused for many years as to what I have on the side on my lids and under eye area. I have had this for as long as I can remember, I... READ MORE

How do I improve the QUALITY of eyelid skin (upper and lower)?

Despite caring for my skin (no sun, etc.), the quality of my eyelid skin has seriously declined in the past 3yrs (I'm 43). Loss of elasticity.... READ MORE

White raised bump on eye line, what is it? (photo)

On the lower lid (line) of my right eye is what looks to be like a raised dot. It formed over night and hasn't gotten any bigger for the past 4 days... READ MORE

What Could This Bump on my Eyelid Be? (photo)

Its been a month and i did cut my bangs shorter since i used to have longer bangs and it was irritating it and kept rubbing it. What should I do? is... READ MORE

Small skin coloured bumps over the eye? (photo)

So there are small skin colored bumps above my lashline. It's somewhat near where my upper eyelid meets my lower eyelid. It's not causing any... READ MORE

What Kind of Eye Problem do I Have? (photo)

I m 27 years old ,i m suffering this problem last 5 years , but there is no pain in my eyes because of this problem . plz telll me after seeing... READ MORE

Best Treatment for Discoloration of Skin Around the Eyes? (photo)

My eyelid area (esp. the extreme outer edges of both eyes) is unusually red/bruised looking. This has been getting worse since adolescence (I'm... READ MORE

Do you know what this small purple lump on my Eyelid is? (photo)

I have a purple lump appear every year on my eye, it gets slightly bigger than it is now, then it gets quite iratated then it bleeds, heals and almost... READ MORE

Is there any Treatment for a Small Hematoma in Eye Socket? (photo)

More than 10 years I have a small hematoma in my eye socket, right below my eyebrow caused by tweezing brows. I've noticed a lack of elasticity in... READ MORE

What is This Lump On My Left Eyelid? (photo)

I'm not sure how I got it but I woke up in the morning and it was bruised and throughout the month it was changing colors after 3 months it's my... READ MORE

Eyelid Hyperpigmentation? (photo)

I am 38 years old of polynesian and caucasian descent. I have darkening of my eyelids especially the upperlids. I have attached a pic. Do you think my... READ MORE

Swollen, Dry Eyelids And Eyelashes Falling Out. What's Going On?

Hello doctors, my eyelids have been swollen for a quite a while. they feel dry too if i put moisturizer on it, it gives me a headache or more like... READ MORE

Redness (Rash) on Upper and Lower Eyelids and Dark Circles (They Look Purple). What Are my Treatment Options? (photo)

For several years now I have had redness or what looks like a rash around my upper eyelids & lower eyelids. I also have dark circles under which... READ MORE

There is a dry red spots above my eyelid. What treatment would you recommend? (photo)

I don't know what to do it's inflamed dry and peels, and it is leaving purple lines and wrinkles and I'm only 18. People keep asking me why I look so... READ MORE

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