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What are these flesh-colored bumps and how can I get rid of them? (photos)

I've had these tiny flesh-colored bumps around my chin, under my lip, for over 3 years now and I've tried to extract them, of the few that were able... READ MORE

Does Pore Extraction Can Help Oily Nose Skin ?

I see small black dots on my nose , if I do pore extraction with my hands , does it help my oily skin? or is there a better way? READ MORE

can i use differin creaml and get facials for comedones?

I am having a bout of adult comedonal acne with milia i think due to kenalog. facials dont seem to help. can differin cream help? and how long? will... READ MORE

Dark spots after facial blackhead extraction, is there anything I can do?

I was in a facial treatment and had blackheads extracted over a long and painful duration of about a whole hour. I suspect that it is pigmentation due... READ MORE

Is Pus After Facial Extraction Normal?

I went to get a facial for the first time to remove the bumps on my face ( supposedly clogged pores / white heads). A day after the facial, I noticed... READ MORE

What are these tiny bumps on my face some of them are hard to extract? (photos)

My face cleared up a little but when I would use some products and it would clear up but when I would extract one and more would pop up the next day.... READ MORE

Small holes/pores on my nose after black head and white head extraction;how to get rid of them? (photos)

I had my black head extracted in nov 2015 using steam and black head extracting tool. Since then although my nose is not oily but i see small... READ MORE

How do I get rid of enlarged black pore on my forehead? (Photo)

I have a enlarged pore on my forehead that's black. It's been around for years and nothing over the counter has helped. Tried extractors. Cleans it a... READ MORE

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