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What is the Safest and Most Effective Way to Remove Under Eye Syringoma?

I am a 39 year old woman and have severe under eye syringoma. I also have it on my forehead, temples. I started getting it when I was 10 years old.... READ MORE

Does TNS Essential Serum Live Up to Its Promises? Reviews I've Read Have Been Great.

I've been told by a few dermatologists that it is the single best topical product to use. Reviews have been great. Is the science behind this product... READ MORE

Why there is no research in progress about KPRF (Keratosis pilaris rubra faceii)?

I've found just a few research papers but it seems there is no one currently spending time on it. I have tried many treatments but no one seems to be... READ MORE

Aluma for Skin Tightening?

Is Aluma a good radio frequency treatment for skin tightening. Which areas give best results? face, knees, thighs, stomach? READ MORE

Any effective treatments for scarred pores?

Can anything be done to improve scarred, large, open pores mostly on the nose or is this permanent? Not ice pick scars. Medium TCA peel? TCA Cross?... READ MORE

Can I Safely Use Benoquin to Permanently Lighten my Skin? (photo)

I want light skin all over my body. I dont just want bright skin I want light..PALE skin. My shade is like beyonce's skin tone but it's due to years... READ MORE

Sebaceous Hyperplasia and Differin?

Hi I was just told I have sebaceous hyperplasia . The dermatologist told me I have to use a retinoid and I have gone back on my differin. She said... READ MORE

Does Swiss L Glutathione Whitening Bar Really Works?

I have heard about swiss l glutathione whitening soap over internet and had also read some positive reviews about this soap that it really helps to... READ MORE

my dermatologist recommended a avarta spf lotion for full face to reduce black marks ?

My dermatologist recommended a avarta spf lotion for full face to reduce black marks ? is it good for skin and effective, i could'nt find any reviews... READ MORE

Can Kenalog Injections Be Used to Treat Cutis Verticis Gyrata?

I have the condition CVG that is characterized by thickened skin creating ridges on the scalp. After reading about kenalog, I was curious whether a... READ MORE

Where Can I Purchase Natrim Organic Products?

How effective are these organic slimming creams in the market? i tried those big brands from loreals, clarins but they didnt seem to work on me. i... READ MORE

I Am Looking for Some Info and Feedback Regarding the New Ergoline Red Light Beauty Lounge Booths or Anti Aging?

"beauty angel" as it is marketed. Do these machines really produce collagen and are they worth spending your money on? My local tanning salon is... READ MORE

Syringoma CURE Interlesional Radiofrequency?

Can interlesional radiofrequency really cure Syringoma? I read a trial research study spanning 4 years that using interlesional radiofrequency can... READ MORE

Is White Vinegar Better to Treat Blemishes?

Should i use apple vinegar or white , because i pute white vinegar on nose and know i have 2 blemishes instead of one, Was it the vinegar or something... READ MORE

Glomela cream for hands for pigmentation, is it good? Any other alternatives Kojivit plus gel for face, is it good? Suggestions?

I have extreme pigmentation on my hands and some discoloration near my mouth and forehead.I heard glomella cream can be applied on hands for... READ MORE

I Have These Fungus on my Back Since 1month Ago,?

I have these fungus on my back since 1month ago,my GP gave me perscribtion of ketoconazole and fluconazole are they perfect for treatement. READ MORE

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