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Is This Acne? Allergic Dermatitis? Eczema? Or Worse......?

My facial breakouts have become more frequent & severe.Been to 3 dermatologists with 3 different DXs:1)acne(2)eczema(3)dermatitis. Im so... READ MORE

Deep dark scars due to eczema? (photo)

Hi.. I have very deep bad scar in my leg from the past 5 years.Have tried all types of creams and lotions. Would you please help me by suggesting... READ MORE

How can I get rid of real bad eczema?

My son is 2 years old and is breaking out in this scab like eczema. He is constantly itching it and it gets big and starts to bleed. His doctor said... READ MORE

What treatments for hyperpigmentation are safe during pregnancy?

I am a 26 year old Indian female with light skin and I have hyperpigmentation behind my knees due to childhood eczema. I am pregnant so I am unable to... READ MORE

Can I Use Protopic Tacromolimus Ointment to Treat Eczema?

Can I Use Protopic Tacromolimus Ointment to Treat Eczema? READ MORE

I have red bumps on the inside of my thigh what are they? (photos)

They a painful when touched and they are on both thighs. They are red and protrude but nothing has come out of them. I've had these bumps on and off... READ MORE

Diagnosed With HSV-1 and Eczema. Why Are My Lips Crusty? (photo)

I have been diagnosed with HSV-1 and eczema. My lips have been like this for a couple days. The corners aren't cracked, but they are crusty. Sometimes... READ MORE

Treatment for Oozing Scalp from Eczema?

I have eczema of my scalp that is now causing my scalp to ooze. I have been asked to take Keflex, which I am still currently on, and was told to wash... READ MORE

What's the Best Way to Treat Hyperpigmentation for Atopic Dermatitis (Eczema) Prone Skin? (photo)

My eczema scars turned into dark patches/spots all over my legs and arms. I'm using kojic lotion for a year now over the hyperpigmented areas but I... READ MORE

Is 4% Hydroquinone safe to use to treat eczema scarring when the eczema is still active? (photo)

There is dark pigmentation caused by scratching over 20 yrs the eczema is still active but not severe. The area to be treated is the skin between the... READ MORE

How to increase skin cell turnover for post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation from eczema? (Photo)

I've struggled with eczema all my life. However only recently I've struggled with what I've learned is PIH. I have this all over my legs and my arms... READ MORE

What is good for scrotum eczema? The intense burning and itching causes me discomfort 75% of the day. (photos)

First I had two cuts on my scrotum that were kinda deep they have almost healed up. But now my scrotum has a ruff and crusty rash over it on some... READ MORE

How to Heal Scabs on my Nipples?

I have eczema and i itched my nipples and now they have scabs on them but they can heal because when the scab forms it just ends up getting pulled off... READ MORE

Will my Eczema Ever Go Away?

I've had eczema since I was around six and I'm sixteen now and I still have it. It shows up around the back of my knee in the summer time (I... READ MORE

Is this perioral dermatitis? (photos)

I went to one derm and she said it was acne but another derm said it was perioral dermatitis. I'm so confused as they are treated 2 different ways. I... READ MORE

Very Dry Skin Problems, Eczema. Is the a Cure for This?

I have a very dry and sensitive skin. I have eczema sometimes on my hand or on the top of my feet. I used 'Diprogenta Cream 15g' the doctor told me to... READ MORE

Can I use a Retinoid and/or AHAs if I have sensitive skin and Eczema?

I have sensitive skin and eczema on my forehead, one eyelid, and one cheek. A mild prescription hydrocortisone didn't help. Then the doctor gave me... READ MORE

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