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Is a Benzyol Peroxide Burn Permanent?

I applied benzyol peroxide to my face after an extremely embarrassing break out. I applied the BP 10% all over my face (stupidly) because the result... READ MORE

Suggestions for Cracked Dry Heels?

My heels are very very cracked and dryto the point it is hard to walk sometimes. would this product help remove the dry, cracked, peeling skin. READ MORE

How to get rid of the black marks on my nose? (photos)

Well, I have a few blackish-dark grey marks on my nose and many blackheads. And I have lots of dry skin on my nose which doesn't seem to go. Could you... READ MORE

When will tretinoin stop making my face red, peel, and dry?

I used the product before only in a lower concentration 0.05 and it cleared out all my pimples w/in a month! After a year, I got breakouts. My derma... READ MORE

I suddenly started having really dry, flaky skin around my mouth, spreading up to my nose. What can I do? (Photo)

It started with the corners of my mouth and also around my eyes, my skin has been really, really dry and has become really flaky. Moisturising only... READ MORE

Epiduo Gel Problems? (photo)

I'm having a couple of side effects from Epudio Gel, which my doctor prescribed to treat my acne. I started it last week, and at first it seemed to... READ MORE

I have very dark knees it's dry and dark! How do I correct this? (photo)

I've been to the dermatologist and they gave me a gycolic acid gel. READ MORE

Skin Peeling Under Head of Penis?

I noticed a dry patch of skin that went around right under the head of my penis. I thought it may have been dried semen so I rubbed it off after a... READ MORE

Can I Do anything about this?

Hello, I'm a 24 yrs African woman and I have dry patchy dark skin on the inner part of my thighs and labia. The skin everywhere else on my body is... READ MORE

What is this in my Anal area? (photo)

I had ad these "Bumps" for a few years. They don't hurt or cause me discomfort all to really be noticed. It doesn't itch unless I have been poking at... READ MORE

I Got Burned All over my Face from Benzoyl Peroxide. My Face Was Red and Dry for 6-7 Weeks Already. is This Permanent?

I've been to a dermatologist who prescribed desonide for me. it didnt really work. the thing that works the most is vaseline, but it gets rid mostly... READ MORE

How Do I Get Rid of the Dark, Scaly Skin Between my Breasts?

I am an African-American woman, and for years I've lived with a large, dark, scaly, dry patch of skin between my breasts. It's noticeable when I where... READ MORE

Noticed Dry Skin and Opening on Penis? (photo)

The picture shows our it more clear than I can describe, I haven't had sex and an clean so I just don't understand what this could be. Thanks. READ MORE

Skin Discoloration on Inner Thighs? (photo)

Both my interior thighs next to my scrotum is discolored. It appears to be wrinkled and rough and dry skin, but when i touch it, it really doesnt feel... READ MORE

How long does it take for irritation bumps to go away after using benzoyl peroxide on my face for dry skin?

I used a benzoyl peroxide treatment on my face a few days ago. Now I have a lot of tiny, flesh colored bumps just where I'd had dry skin (around my... READ MORE

What are the red dry spots on my penis?

In the beginning they were 2 small dots. But in the last few months all the spots are quite noticeable. They didn't appear suddenly, I would say... READ MORE

Dark Circular Patches on Face (both Sides of Cheek)?

I am a 22 years old man.A doctor told me that I had dry skin and that the patches were the result of prolonged exposure to sunlight. Some 3-4 weeks... READ MORE

Dry, Peeling Skin - Application of Vitamin E and Vaseline. Now, New Skin is Lighter?

While using a shower glove scrub and body wash, there was skin sensitivity. Water temp. was warm & after the shower, the skin on neck was red/pink... READ MORE

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